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Jan 5, 2014 06:59 PM

Mid-cape, Mondays?

Enjoying an empty inn, but where to eat? We are in Harwich, can travel. Recs appreciated. Is Maison Villatte worth the drive, or should we just wait it out and get pastry in Boston?

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  1. You won't find better pastry in Boston and Falmouth Village itself is worth the drive. While there you can get a fabulous lunch at Osteria La Civeta for AUTHENTIC Italian food from the Emilia Romagna region. (Call for winter hours) Also, ride down to Woods Hole to see Nobska Light house. Take the very pretty shore road back through Falmouth, making sure to hop back on Falmouth Heights Road right after Falmouth Harbor. Very scenic.

    Edit...Just realized that they are closed on Mon. this time of year. You could call PB Boulangerie in Welfleet to see if they are open. Almost as good pastry.

      1. Hanger B in Chatham (at the airport!) might be open. Awesome food and fun to sit and watch the little planes take off/land.

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          Hangar B closed Mon. & Tues. off-season.

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            PB is closed for the month of January, why do you ask? The OP was asking about Maison Villatte.