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Jan 5, 2014 06:38 PM

Grand Rapids -- close to Holiday Inn DTWN on Pearl

Tag pretty much asks it. My wife and mother are hanging in GR for one night, would like great eats w/in walking distance of their hotel. The only places that seem to get (old) love are 616 and Leo's. Budget not a consideration. Yelp is not useful; you are. TIA.

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  1. I haven't been to Leo's, but 616 is pretty solid. I know some people are sick to death of kale at this point, but I'm a sucker for a kale salad and theirs is delicious. In general, they take good ingredients and treat them well, so if they like the sound of the menu, they should do pretty well there. I'll also add Reserve to your list - I have only been there for lunch and snacks, but have enjoyed everything I have had there.

    A little further out ("walking distance" is so subjective and seasonal) are Hopcat and SanChez. The former is more casual, but a required stop if they're at all interested in beer - menu consists of burgers, sandwiches, etc., and both the tap and bottle lists are extensive. SanChez does "tapas" and is also good for breakfast.

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      Thank you, Wahooty. I've printed out Reserve's menu (looks good!) for them, will let them make the call. Good to hear about 616, b/c I'm always a little leery of restaurants in big, chain hotels.

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        As it turns out, they had an absolutely lovely dinner and great service and time at Reserve. Oysters, charcuterie, nice salad, duck confit, rabbit ragout, some cheeses, etc., couple wine flights, then some glasses. My mother said it was one of her more enjoyable and satisfying resto experiences in a number of years. So, thank you.

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          Spot, you are so welcome. GR doesn't get a lot of play on this board, and Reserve even less, so I am glad they enjoyed it.

      2. Ate at both 616 and Leo's this past fall. Really enjoyed dinner at Leo's but I have to say that 616 was pretty good, too! We ordered a variety of items to split at 616 but I was most happy with the mussels...could have ordered them two days in a row. Plus, they serve Illy coffee, which is my favorite right I was happy.