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Jan 5, 2014 05:52 PM

Newport in mid-January

Heading to Newport in a couple weeks and we're looking for recs. We like eating at the bar and more of a low-key atmosphere. For example, last year we had a great time at Pour Judgement (are they still open? website seems to be broken). I looked at some other threads on this board, but it seems like a lot of places close for the winter. Any suggestions? All types of cuisine welcome!

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  1. Mission Newport is a great burger bar from the the folks at TSK they are open this winter, so too is a newly opened ramen bar called Boru. Both are located near/on Broadway. Newport Resataurnt group's restaurants are all opened all winter saved for the Smoke House. Pasta Beach will be opened after the second week of Jan.

    1. Pour Judgment is open year round as it is more of a local bar than a tourist bar. Try the bar at Yesterdays.

      1. do do do try Stoneacre Pantry on Thames. Order the Dark and Stormy becasue they juice their own ginger and add delicious rum and soda water. Do order the chicken liver because my BF who grew to hate chicken livers as a child becasue they were used as punishment ordered a second helping and liked the jar clean.

        1. zeldas on Thames would be a good eat at the bar place

          second Stoneacre as well

          they are both within 2 blocks of each other

          1. My wife and I spent the night the Sunday before new years. Started off at Malt and had a couple Victory Dirt Wolf ipa's and split a pretty tasty burger. It was our first time here and I was impressed with the well curated selection of beers. Couldn't visit Norrey's which also has a good selection of craft beers because they are closed on Sundays. Headed down to Pour Judgement and had a couple Lagunitas Sucks and littlenecks w/ chourico - clams were good. Narragansett pils was a nice easy drinker while watching the games. Finished the night at Brick Alley watching the rest of the Pats game at the bar. Harpoon ipa hit the spot with more littlenecks and salad. Finished the night off with a Sierra Nevada Torpedo which was really fesh before walking back to the hotel for a long nap.

            I had a great breakfast burrito at Corner cafe, a nice soak in the hotel hot tub, a couple more Lagunitas Sucks at Pour Judgement, and a long walk around town before heading back home. Love newport in the off season.