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Jan 5, 2014 03:34 PM

Where to buy a whole lamb?

Thinking of doing a whole lamb on a spit for a Greek Easter party this spring. Anyone know of a place I could order the lamb from?
I am in ct but thinking I may need to make some calls to Astoria.
Thanks! Lisa

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  1. Most butchers can special order one for you, instead of having to travel so far. I had to deliver a baby pig once about two hours away and it was creepy, since it rode in my back seat in a little baby coffin ;-( Even in Astoria, they will probably order it from Hunts Point.

    I'm assuming you mean already butchered though. I did have a customer who bought a live one every Easter and killed it himself, with help from his son. If that's the case, there are a couple of farms here on eastern Long Island. I never asked him how he got it home.

    1. if heading to Astoria, there are a few butchers that cater to the Eastern Orthodox / Greek Orthodox celebration and will carry whole spring lamb.

      One of my favorite butchers is
      Plaza Meat Market
      2318 31st St.
      Astoria, NY 11105
      (718) 728-5577

      they moved to this location a few years ago and have been in business for many years.

      for Greek Provisions like feta, haloumi, and the natural lump charcoal you'll need for the lamb, right next to them is

      Mediterranean Foods II
      2318 31st St.
      Astoria, NY 11105
      (718) 721-0221

      and next door is Artopolis bakery, for the Greek sweet treats you will enjoy.

      you'll need a souvla / spit / rotisserie. you can buy from
      Titan Foods
      2556 31st St.
      Astoria NY 11102
      (718) 626-7771

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        Thank you! That's very helpful. All my family in New York love Titan. Best feta! We bought the spit online and are ready to try the Easter extravaganza!

      2. Go to Church and McDonald. Walk west on north side of Church from F Train. A few doors down is a grocer open 24/7. Bangladesh and halal.

        You might be able to order one. He will skin it and cut it there.

        1. Try some of the live poultry shops in Bronx and Brooklyn, also queens.

          Ask the restaurant people in places that are Kavkazian (Dimtas going east from F station.

          I have been and lived in places that stock them in the open markets, alive, daily. Unfortunately, we live in a place that killed such practices with the supermarket, and the industrialization of food.

          The pop tart shelf life is longer than that of a goat. The Pop Tart does not require cleaning up after. The Pop Tart is silent, while goats emit sounds from various orifices.

          So think of communities within the Boroughs that may keep live goats for slaughter, or have skinned full ones delivered.

          1. Since you are in CT, look into Indian Halal or other butchers.

            Search on the internet might work, or ask some Hindi Panjab people.

            I am sure you can get a whole one in these shops, and they are bound to exist not too far from you.