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Jan 5, 2014 03:22 PM

Looking for waffer sticks/rolls in Toronto Area

Hey everyone i am looking for wafer sticks/rolls in bulk quantity as a topping for my frozen yogurt store. I am also looking for Malted Milk powder in bulk quantity. Please help me where i can buy these.

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    1. re: GanJa786

      One just came in about a minute ago! Try Bulk Barn.

    2. Starsky sells wafer sheets, never looked for sticks or rolls.

      Any chance McCall's cake deco shop might have them--or point you in the right direction?

      1. what about the Asian egg roll cookies? would they do? also you can find large cans of ovaltine or other brand malted milk powders in most large Asian markets as well.

        1. John Vince? I have no idea if they carry either of these products, but I find their prices to be more reasonable then Bulk Barn.