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Jan 5, 2014 03:17 PM

I want a King Cake Law!

Saw young man at lunch today who brought a King Cake he'd bought at Wal Mart. Travesty! Shame! Horror!

Sometimes I wonder why I try.....

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  1. & only in NO could you get a King cake at Walmart...the rest of us have got to bake them ourselves.

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    1. re: thistle5

      Well, not yet, please. I feel like going into the place and burning myhrr in protest.

      be an interesting trial, I gotta admit.

      1. re: hazelhurst

        It is clear you are frankly incensed. Truth be gold, I agree.

        1. re: rouxdauphine

          it is enough to give you three kinks in the back,

          1. re: hazelhurst

            As long as you remain in stable condition...

            1. re: rouxdauphine

              There is bound to be a "manger/manger" joke in here somewhere (English/French)

    2. Cher, I just ate a big ol hunk of an unfilled king cake from WalMart and it was tasty. Miles better, frankly, than the goopy, overfilled, puddingy monstrosities churned out by more famed king cake bakers 'round town.