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Jan 5, 2014 03:07 PM

Does your All Clad Copper Core make a horrible high-pitched screeching noise on induction stovetops?

Has anyone here used All Clad Copper Core pans on an induction burner, and if so, does it make a horrible high-frequency screeching noise? Please note, I am not talking about the fan -- this sound is distinctly nails on a chalkboard, and despite being fairly quiet, it goes straight through the eardrum and is completely intolerable.

Here's the back story: I finally decided to treat myself to a new range with double ovens, and on a whim, I decided to splurge on the induction cooktop instead of the plain old electric. I made that decision after trying and loving my parents' portable induction burner. Well, as luck would have it, I only tried out my cast iron pan. That was a couple of days ago. Today, I used the induction burner to melt a pat of butter in an All Clad CC saucepan; several hours later, my eardrum still hurts at the memory!!

So it's definitely a deal breaker. The thing is, I LOVE induction otherwise, and I'm not finding much mention of this noise online (and trust me, I think anyone with decent hearing would notice). Some people say that the problem is with the pan being cheap, but I wouldn't think that All Clad Copper Core would qualify! So I'm hoping against hope that this is only happening because my parents' little burner is from a cheap Taiwanese brand (Tatung).

I've been wondering all day how likely it is that I'm going to be sending my brand new range back for a refund and whether I should have a backup plan. Any first-hand experience is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Hi, lovelymicrobes:

    I have not heard of this high sound problem with CC, but the humming can bother some people. Does it happen on all the range's hobs? This may be a foible of this particular model of your range, or it may be older CC which may not be optimized for induction.

    To paraphrase Forrest's mom, "Induction is like a box of chocolates--you never know what you're going to get." There can be about a 30% variability between "compatible" pans of different construction on the *same* appliance, and then there is variability *between* appliances. Most folks who sink long green into a 240V induction range or cooktop never get to A-B their cookware on more than one appliance, and so they tend to attribute differences in *result* to only the pans.

    Before you do anything hasty I recommend you hie thee hither to an appliance store which carries a decent selection of induction ranges they will actually plug in for you (this can be difficult to arrange). Take your singing pan with you, along with all your other pans you would hate to replace just to have induction. Test them and make sure what works to your liking.

    Another, completely ad hoc option is to junk your singer and any other pans that don't work well for you on the appliance, and buy new pans to fit *it*.

    Plan C might be to shame A-C into replacing every CC piece that sings, under its vaunted warranty and customer service policies.

    Please post with how you work through this issue.


    PS: Scroll down to the bottom of this stale thread to see a post from another Hound who had sound problems with clad on induction.

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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Hi Kaleo,

      Oops, I failed to mention that I don't have the new range yet -- it will take about 30 days to ship, so I won't receive it until the end of January. At this point, I'm just wondering how likely it is that I will have to haul it back and how to handle that case, and whether I should try to line up a backup option.

      My All Clad was very recently purchased, so I don't think age is a problem there. You're right, I should check to see if there's a local showroom I can go to (although ours is pretty small town). I will also read that thread you posted.


      1. re: lovelymicrobes

        So you used it on your parents hotplate? I'm confused.

        1. re: c oliver

          Yup, sorry for the confusion: I ordered my range two days ago and will get in 3-4 weeks. Today, I pulled the portable burner out again and found the problem with my CC, and now I'm wondering if I'm going to have a minor stove debacle on my hands.

          I don't know much about induction technology, so I was wondering if it was possible that my pans will behave differently on different stoves.

          1. re: lovelymicrobes

            I agree with kaleo (surprise, surprise!). I'd get to somewhere/some place and try the cookware out. Or make sure that you can send it cooktop back without any problem. There's something going on, for sure.

    2. So it's the range making the noise or the pan? Or can you tell?

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      1. re: Leepa

        I'm pretty sure it's the pan because the burner does not make that noise with a cast iron skillet.

          1. re: kaleokahu

            Kaleo: Could you explain? And how would I tell the difference?

            1. re: lovelymicrobes

              Hi, Lovely:

              It's best to think of this as a combination of the pan *and* the hob--your specific A-C CC on your parents' hotplate. So it's obviously *both*, but that doesn't tell you much.

              The construction of the A-C is different than the CI.
              You will need to try the A-C on other appliances before you can generalize about the pan. It may be that you want to go ahead and install your appliance *hoping* the problem will cease (aka Mountain-to-Mohammed). Or you can take your pan somewhere that demonstrates and sells your intended appliance, and see if she sings. I would take all your A-C (or even every pan you definitely want to keep). There may be some harmonic at work, and you might find that a *different* pan makes noise on the appliance. If everything works to your satisfaction, happy cooking. If not, start the frustrating search for either a different appliance or different cookeware.

              This type issue is one of the prices you pay going with induction. Many will say it's worth it. Many--like myself--will say that the totality of those prices makes it not worth it. Only you can decide for yourself.


      2. Have you tried it with food or water in the pan?

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        1. re: JayL

          JayL: I filled the pot most of the way with water and tried that. It still buzzed -- not quite as screechingly, but still pretty high and annoying. It's a little 2 quart saucepan, so it's still not much, but I do often cook with small amounts.

        2. AC CC user on Miele induction - no issue. Good luck.

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          1. I just called Lowe's, and the appliance guy was very surprised. He said they sell 4 or 5 induction units a month (small town, not a lot of money here) and has never had a single complaint. So I'm hopeful. :) He also assured me that they will take it back if necessary.

            My husband thought that it could be that this portable burner puts out a particular frequency that doesn't work well with my CC pan and a different stove would put out a less obnoxious frequency. If anyone who understands the technology better can weigh in, I'm all ears!

            I'm pretty excited about induction, but it won't be the end of the world if this falls through. I've already got my eye on a nice double convection oven electric range ... :)

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            1. re: lovelymicrobes

              All the US appliances are supposed to operate at the same frequency, around 24kHz.

              Whether they actually do is a different question. However, the coil shape, size, power level, pan size, design, etc. will all be possible variables.

              Heat is made in these things because a magnetic field oscillates, causing resistance within the pan. Your pan may be "tuned" to the hotplate exactly wrong, generating harmonics in the audible range along with heat.

              Good Luck,