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Jan 5, 2014 02:58 PM

Great restaurant suggestion

Does anyone have a recommendation for a restaurant with great food but also FUN to celebrate a 50th birthday with a few girlfriends in and around Boston? Any price range is fine.

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  1. It would be helpful if we had more to go on. Do you want fancy, high priced fun; upscale casual fun; divey fun; or something else? Any preference as to food type and/or location?

    1. I think upscale casual fun would be ideal .... Some recommendations were Ostra but actually looks too pricey, Ribelle, Puritan, TW Foods....??? Thank you!

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      1. re: sukie99

        "Any price range is fine."

        " Ostra actually looks too pricey"

        So umm pick one?

        1. re: sukie99

          How many friends are we talking because TW Food is not a good spot for a big group and by big I mean five. I am a fan of Bistro du Midi or maybe Erbaluce. Really still need more info to narrow things down for you.

          1. re: hungrytommy

            There are only 3 of us but looking for a fun ambience which makes the experience more memorable than just a great dinner.

            1. re: hungrytommy

              I wouldn't call Bistro du Midi or Erbaluce "fun" ...

              sukie99, what's YOUR idea of "fun?"

              1. re: C. Hamster

                I would call Bistro du Midi fun, maybe not Erbaluce. I might not be the best judge of female 50th birthday fun. How about Eastern Standard?


                1. re: hungrytommy

                  Both Eastern Standard and Cafe du Midi are
                  great suggestions. I appreciate your input.

                  1. re: sukie99

                    Thanks, wherever you choose I hope you have a great time!


            2. re: sukie99

              TW Food I like a lot but it is not "fun"
              Puritan has more of a buzz.
              Sarma has a lively atmosphere I think.
              Have not been to Ribelle but it sounds right.

              Another suggestion - eat well and have a fun nightcap elsewhere.

            3. I've not been but Cuchi Cuchi might fit the fun requirement:


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              1. re: wandergirl

                cuchi cuchi is such fun! love the energy there!

              2. Maybe East Coast Grill? They have a great vibe and the food is also good.

                1. Thanks for all the suggestions...I love East Coast Grill but want to go some place new... Sarma sounds great...
                  leaning towards Ribelle...

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                  1. re: sukie99

                    Kirkland Tap probably works, or Row 34 if you like seafood.

                    1. re: CportJ

                      Thank you.Those are super suggestions and have great reviews! There is no longer a shortage of interesting restaurants in Boston. Craigie on Main is a favorite and Kirkland Tap looks terrific.

                      Too many places to choose from!

                      I will let you know where we end up.

                      1. re: CportJ

                        I made a reservation at Kirkland Tap which looks great but am concerned about the noise level. Yelp describes it as "very loud" and do not want a place where you cannot have a conversation. Can you comment? Has anyone been to Puritan?

                        1. re: sukie99

                          I didn't find Kirkland Tap to be all that loud, but also didn't find the food to be all that good.

                          1. re: maillard

                            I thought it was great. I went during the week, and I would say that it was a little on the loud side even then, so it's probably a bit louder than average on Fri/Sat. It's more of a casual scene, so I don't think it's unintended or likely to change.

                      2. re: sukie99

                        Ribelle is good - half the dishes we had were great, the other half were just ok - but it is LOUD!

                        I'm a big fan of Washington Square Tavern just around the corner - great wines