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Jan 5, 2014 02:42 PM

Suggestions on slow cooker/rice cooker combo

Rice cooker bit the dust last week. Would like a slow cooker/crockpot that combines with rice cooker. I've read some reviews for various models on Amazon but does anyone have some real experience with this type of unit?

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  1. I have an Aroma rice cooker-steamer. Not what you are looking for, but a great piece of equipment. I make soup in the bottom all the time. Fantastic.

    1. Mom bought me the Brevile combo machine. I think it's called a Risotto Plus. Something like that. She loves risotto and thought this would work for us.

      I normally cook rice on the stovetop and own 4 slow cookers in various sizes.

      It was ok for risotto and white rice, but not good at either. I returned it, on the theory that anything that takes that much real estate had better excel at what it does. Mostly I found the timing to be a bit off, which was inconvenient, because it meant tending the food, defeating the purpose of the appliance.

      I can't recommend it.

      1. I got my parents this one 2 years ago. They eat rice daily. They also make stews, soups, and porridge in it. Its held up beautifully and they like it a lot.

        1. In a recent discussion on rice cookers with an extended keep warm feature, someone mentioned this It looked interesting and seems to fit your bill. See

          1. I have the Aroma rice cooker/slow cooker/steamer combo. I absolutely love it. I also love that it only takes up one spot in the kitchen. It is a 10-cup rice cooker with buttons for white and brown rice (my old Aroma rice cooker just had an on and off button). It comes with a steamer tray so you can steam veggies/dumplings, etc. over the rice while it cooks. As a crock pot, it works just like any other crock pot I've ever owned. Has buttons for high or low temps. Also has a good feature - it will turn off automatically for how many hours you set it for, then goes into warm mode. Less chance to overcook if you are delayed in getting home. Nice and roomy for a large roast or whole chicken. Pot comes out for easy cleanup.