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Jan 5, 2014 02:04 PM

Looking for Traditional Afghan bread in Edmonton

Hi chowhounders,

Does anyone have any idea where I could find traditional Afghan bread in Edmonton? I used to buy it all the time when I lived in Montreal and it was amazing. Perfect for making pizza.

It's pretty long, rectangular shape and is completely flat (photos is from one of the grocery stores I frequented in Montreal).

If anyone knows of a couple places, that would be awesome. Especially west end if there are any.


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  1. Perhaps this place?
    Scroll down the page for pictures of their naan.

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    1. re: cancowboy

      Nice! Thanks cancowboy, that is definitely it.

      Any chance you've seen it anywhere else in town?

      1. re: cancowboy

        I can confirm that they have Afghan bread at this place, baked fresh every day $3 a bag with 2 loaves.

        They also have a bread that is similar at the Anatolia Food market on Stony Plain Road