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Jan 5, 2014 12:39 PM

Need fun restaurant for 15 people upper east side

I am looking for a trendy fun restaurant for teens(15-16 years old) for a sweet sixteen. must be on the upper east side

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  1. "trendy fun restaurant " on UES doesn't exist.

    Toloache 82 could be fun: Jarriotos sodas, tacos. They'll make you do fixed menu.

    Rouge Tomate has a glamorous feel, but older more distinguished crowd and menu.

    I think there is a Meatball Shop up there too.

    1. +1 for toloache rec

      The new-ish ues location of salumeria rosi could be an option

      1. I know this is not on the UES, but this might be a fun Sweet 16.

        1. These are possibilities . I am not saying they have good food, but groups in that age range would enjoy these most likely. Gustavino's ( specializes in sweet 16's), Lavo, Atlantic Grill, Mr. Chow's, Tao,Dos Caminos, Tony's Di Napoli,