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Jan 5, 2014 11:32 AM

PVD/RI 2013 - Your Favorites?

It's yet another new year, so it's time to do what nearly all social and media outlets do, and that's reflect... So, community, here are the questions, limiting it to 4 to keep it simple:

1) What was your PVD/RI area favorite DISH for 2013?

2) What was your favorite overall restaurant for 2013?

3) What was your favorite NEW restaurant for 2013?

4) What is your greatest chow wish for PVD/RI in 2014?


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  1. Fun!
    (1) Favorite Dish: "Burmese style (kinda) Roasted cabbages" at North--vinegary, crunchy, sweet, peanut brittle, I died a little from happiness

    (2) Favorite Restaurant--North; I enjoyed every single thing I ate there, I like the ambiance, I like the kalimoxto, I even like the loud music and the artfully ambivalent waitstaff

    (3) Favorite new Restaurant--The Grange, in a neck-and-neck race with Birch (I guess I've just loved the Grange longer); honorable mention for favorite new bar--The Eddy in a massive landslide

    (4) Greatest Chow wish--mentioned some of this in another post, but I want to keep being surprised by the kitchens of PVD/RI, looking for quirky, challenging, delicious dishes in the new year

    1. Bump, I'd really love to hear from a few other folks!

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      1. re: RhodyRedHen

        I didn't realize Prov. was the only place that restaurants. I better get with it.

        1. re: Frank Terranova

          My list was Providence-based because that's where I eat the most and I was sharing my own opinion/experiences. The thread refers to all of Rhode Island, and I, for one, would be interested in hearing people's thoughts on places outside the city. For what it's worth, I also really like Stoneacre Pantry in Newport as a new opening this year, but I've only eaten there once, whereas I've been to North, the Grange, and Birch multiple times each. Again, just my opinion, but then, that's what this thread is about.

          1. re: Frank Terranova

            I'm not on these boards a lot, but when I am, I can count on a negative post from Frank. Drive on Dr. Dour, drive on.

        2. I'm new to PVD and have been on a pretty tight budget. But I've been able to explore a tiny bit, so here are my two cents!

          1) Favorite dish: I hate seitan and never have or ever will like another seitan dish, but the Grange's Korean BBQ taco is killer. I think about it all the time.

          2) Favorite overall restaurant: Again, my choices are pretty limited. But among the handful of restaurants I've visited, I liked Farmstead the best.

          3) Favorite new restaurant: Aside from the hassle of not being able to make reservations, North. Everything was delicious and unique.

          4) Greatest Chow wish: For Ken's Ramen to finally open!

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            Awesome picks!
            I totally agree about the Korean BBQ taco at the Grange. My stubbornly carnivorous husband loves it so much, he'll barely share a bite. It's caused much marital strife.
            Ah, Ken's Ramen...the biggest tease of 2013. Here's hoping in 2014!

          2. 1) Favorite: an amazing salad at Chez Pascal. It included beluga lentils and harukei turnips. We made plans to go back a couple weeks later just to taste that salad again!

            2) Overall favorite: I have to go with Pho Horns. Our favorite take out or eat in quick meal-- so delicious, so dependable, such friendly service.

            3) Favorite new place: I don't go out so often, so Broadway Bistro is my favorite new (to me) place.

            4) Ken's Ramen! I cannot wait!

            1. 1. Sweet Grain Cereal from birch
              2. birch
              3. birch
              4. More experimental cooking, some molecular techniques being incorporated in some dishes.

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              1. re: singaporediner

                Just saw your comment re: the sweet grain cereal. That dish really is so exciting. It's like a perfect bowl of breakfast cereal transformed into an out-of-the-box dessert. The johnny cake, the apple butter, the smooth custard, and the crunch of toasted grains...and those perfect little leaves of lemon verbena just bring a lightness and freshness to balance against the sweet and creamy. Awesome pick!

                1. re: RhodyRedHen

                  Love your description! I think Warm Apples and Lemon run it a close second and third too, all the desserts are well-worth trying. I think 2014 will be exciting, with all the guest chef stints coming up.

                  "birch’s tribute to breakfast consists of whipped grain milk, on top of apple sauce and a cornmeal johnnycake, mixed with the kitchen sink: honeycomb, puffed rice, oat snaps, and a few other things that are delicious. Eating this is like eating the best bowl of breakfast cereal ever. The mix of textures is complex, with at least four different kinds of crunchiness: thin, oaty crunchiness from the oat snaps, hollow crunchiness from the rice, and sweet dense crunchiness from the honeycomb, and what I think are airy cylinders of dried apple. One of the best desserts I have ever tried anywhere." - What I wrote in October and in my 2013 round-up:

                  1. re: singaporediner

                    Great blog--thanks for the link! I think my favorite dish at Birch is probably the carrot and quahog, but really, it's hard to go wrong.