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Jan 5, 2014 08:54 AM

SFO - Terminal 3 - any recs for a carryon breakfast?

We're flying out about 830AM to Newark and then on to Tel Aviv. Have a long layover in Newark so not looking for food to last the day. A breakfast equivalent, probably in sandwich form. Depending on traffic and security we may have time to eat in the airport but I'm not counting on that. Any recs? Thanks all.

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    1. Forgot to mention - past security please.

      1. SF Soup Company, has breakfast sandwiches I believe. They might be pre-made sandwiches. The Chinese counter next to them has packaged dim sum items.

        Emporio Rulli (not in the main food court) makes good pannini.

        The big central food court in T3 makes it easy to browse around and see what appeals.
        Bon voyage!

        1. In the food court, you'll find a mexican spot called Andale. They have excellent breakfast burritos. I have pretty high standards when it comes to breakfast burritos and these are potentially my favorite in the Bay Area. They are of the egg and chorizo variety and come with potatoes, cheese and refried beans. If you're in a hurry, they have some premade ones that retain their heat nicely, even if you wait to eat it until after takeoff.

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            This sounds like just the thing! We're both more savory than sweet and breakfast burritos are a fave of ours also. Thanks for the tip.

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              Andale is one of my go-to spots at the terminal.

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                +1 on that. The food court past security has:
                * A dim sum place (slow, not terrible)
                * SF Soup
                * Boudin sandwiches (seems slow)
                * Andale
                * Firewood pizza
                * Japanese (nice premade)
                * Lori's

                Of these, I probably get Andale more than 1/2 the time. There used to be Andale on Univ Ave in PA, and I liked them there. They have a "burritos to go" thing right next to the register, and when I'm in a hurry I grab n go a couple of these.

                Lori's will probably make a nice egg sausage sandwich, but it'll be a bit greasy.

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                  Fraiche is post security at Terminal 3. I only had a NO iced coffee there (which was tasty) but I noticed they had a frittata listed. Might be worth checking out. I often make frittata at home and take it on my travels...

              2. I usually get the pre-made sushi that's near Max's.

                In EWR, I am a fan of Balducci's if you're flying United.

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                  We ARE flying United so thanks for the rec. Our layover there is almost SIX hours and have considered cabbing it to the Ironbound District. Any knowledge? I understand the United club there is nothing to write home about.

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                    We have a pretty active New Jersey board, so we'd recommend you post any Newark questions there, at

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                      Thanks. I've been perusing that board for quite some time. Just decided to pick poster's brain a bit.

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                        In Ironbound suggest Mompou on Ferry Street or Sagres around the corner from it or Seabras Marisqueira.62 bus from EWR will get you there and back for $1.50 through Penn Station Newark with a three block walk.At SFO,since I'm not a breakfast fan,my favorite is the shrimp/ dungeness crab quesadilla at Buena Vista Cafe in term 3 or the chicken noodle soup at Harbor Village in the Intl terminal w/ some ebi fry and Japanese potato salad from Ebusa nearby.In EWR Gallaghers crab cakes and creamed spinach is the best meal in Term C that you will fly out of to TLV.You have plenty of time to go to the Ironbound with your late departure.I work the flights to TLV.It appears with asking for breakfast out of SFO you are on the late night rather than afternoon departure to TLV.

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                          Yep and thanks for all the advice. At 7AM I don't think I'm up to a shrimp/crab quesadilla. But we did have a super lunch at the SFO BV not long ago.

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                          Here's a link to your EWR request on the appropriate board for suggestions and continuing on-topic,

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                            Since I started it, yep, I knew that :) *I* wasn't the one who took this OT, M.

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                              I provided the link as a common courtesy to those reading this thread on the SF board who might want to post responses to your question above about heading to the Ironbound district: "Our layover there is almost SIX hours and have considered cabbing it to the Ironbound District. Any knowledge? I understand the United club there is nothing to write home about."

                              When it's on the correct board, many more will benefit from the replies and be able to retrieve it easily in the future. And you'll avoid pissing off more people on this board.

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                                Melanie, I apologize. You're correct and I wasn't. Thanks. Sincerely.