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Jan 5, 2014 08:23 AM

Charlotte Vicinity - Local Cheese Makers?

I was listening to a podcast regarding local cheese making. Is anyone aware of any local cheese makers in the Charlotte vicinity and any retailers for those local cheese producers? My first thought was asking at the Earth Fare cheese counter or the Dean & DeLuca cheese counter. Any other ideas?

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  1. I would check with Orrman's Cheese Shop in the 7th Street Public Market

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    1. re: easzman1

      Great idea. I found their site and it looks exactly like what I was looking for - thanks again.

      1. re: picklesb

        Orrman's is an amazing resource. In addition, there are several local cheesemakers who show up regularly at local farmers markets. The CLT regional market, on Yorkmont, gets Bosky Acres, Daddy's Girl and a Shelby-area cheesemaker (sorry, name has slipped from my brain) who makes a wonderful raw-milk colby. Bosky also usually visits the Matthews market. And Simply Local at the Atherton Mill & Market usually stocks several local cheeses.

        I did a story on N.C. cheesemakers with Andrea Weigl of the Raleigh News & Observer several years ago and we found out that North Carolina has the highest number of cheesemakers of any Southern state.

        1. re: kathleen purvis

          Based on my unscientific sampling (i.e. wandering around various markets) it appears to me that our NC-based cheesemakers seem primarily focused on goat cheeses.

          I am curious as to whether you saw that too when you took your survey a few years ago, Kathleen.

          1. re: brentk

            Goat cheese is numerous, for good reasons: It doesn't take much land to raise a few goats, they're smaller and easier to handle than cows, and in couples, you can max your work and profits by having one spouse leave the land to work while the other one (usually the wife) stays home to mind the goats. Bosky Acres would certainly be a good example of that. They also split the farmers' markets on Saturday morning, increasing their market share. So economically, goats make a lot of sense for small farms.

            However, there are cows' milk cheesemakers out there. Chapel Hill Creamery is one example; Guernsey Girl (THAT's the name of that creamery in Shelby!) is another. I think Daddy's Girl also has cows' milk cheeses.

            Cheesemaking is not a cheap endeavor. The equipment is a considerable investment. So I think you'll see more cows' milk cheeses as the dairies grow and get enough money to change up what they're doing.

        2. re: picklesb

          Definitely go and have a chat with them. They are very knowledgeable and they carry a great variety, usually including a lot of NC cheeses.

          Have a grilled cheese while you're there. Their sandwiches are great!

      2. Bosky Acres out of Waxhaw makes really good goat cheese and does an assortment of flavored goat cheeses as well. They used to make these delectable goat cheese chocolate truffles around the holidays but I haven't seen the truffles in a while. Earthfare carries several local cheeses, including Bosky Acres & Looking Glass out of Asheville. I think Orrman's and D&D carry them as well. Regina @ D&D is so helpful and knowledgeable, I highly recommend visiting her.