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Jan 5, 2014 06:41 AM

Shabbos food from Cambridge Farms , North Hollywood, Ca

Hi, I am planning a trip to Los Angeles, will be staying in Burbank and need food for Shabbos. A friend told me about Cambridge Farms. Has anyone had Shabbos /take out food from there? What can you recommend or dissuade us from ? Any other recommendations for good Shabbos food? I would prefer to stay away from the typical roast chicken, deli. TIA.

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  1. Quality is OK, prices are OK. What more is there? It's a supermarket, not a 3 star dining experience. Salads and marinated olives may be superior to some other supermarkets, must get there early for rotisserie chicken.

    1. Averrage kosher market, but good by LA standards. Salads, chicken. The usual.

      You said you want to avoid the usual roast chicken. What did you have in mind? We might be able to guide you a bit better if we knew what sort of Shabbos food you're looking for.

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        something more interesting for Shabbos, good, chow worthy food without being ridiculously priced, We would appreciate it if we could get food in the Valley or thereabouts as we are staying in Burbank and would like to spend part of Friday enjoying the day. We would appreciate a more interesting soup than chicken soup , perhaps a Moroccan fish instead of boring gefilte fish , chicken or meat for a main with potatoes or a potato kugel. It should be reasonably easy to warm up in a hotel room kitchen. Thanks .

      2. If you go to the city try got kosher the pretzel challah with kalamata olives and rosemary is great. I haven't tried the takeout.

        1. They have a great wine/spirits selection. Drown your rotisserie chicken sorrows in a good bottle of something special.

          While you are thinking about Shabbat, have breakfast at that little place next door.

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              Thanks, but according to their web site, they are closed.

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                Sorry to hear that. It was a nice little place.