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Jan 5, 2014 05:19 AM

Winter Farmers Markets

I made this winter's first visit to the Tilton Winter Farmers Market in Tilton NH yesterday. It's conveniently near Kohl's and the outlet mall and runs from 10-2 on both Sat and Sunday. There's a wonderful variety of vendors and live music. Fresh eggs sold out quickly and so did fresh kale but there were other bags of greens still available at 12:30. I bought ground grass-fed beef, ground pork, eggs, kohlrabi, carrots, maple flavored yogurt, lion's head mushrooms, suet cake for wild birds, honey, strawberry jelly, etc. I could have bought more because I could have eat a container of fresh guacamole all by myself. The vendor said you can freeze it. And I should have bought some apples. The fresh pasta vendor's selection is awesome. I've been making my own rolls and baked goods but what was there looked very good. We had already purchased a quart of maple syrup from a farm neighbor but I was told on another cooking forum that $18/qt is cheap - so if you are traveling to NH (or VT) you might want to pick some up to avoid big city prices.

I like the location since the building is roomy. We went to another market once and won't go back because it was so crowded we just inched along. I am just amazed I can buy exotic mushrooms grown in NH as well as the usual cast of farm produce.

What are you buying at a winter farmers market and is it worth the trip?

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  1. AAA Northern New England magazine actually just had a story about winter markets.
    The winter market in Rutland VT is supposed to be fantastic. I've been wanting to get down there to check it out but have not had a chance yet.
    Middlebury has a weekly winter market - its small - only about a dozen vendors. But...good variety. Syrup, produce (greens, winter root vegis), meat, baked goods etc. The Middlebury summer market is much larger and is fantastic.
    We actually joined a winter CSA share at a local organic farm. It has been fantastic. I have not bought produce at the grocery store in months!

    1. When I go it's to the Capital City Farmer's Market in Montpelier. They have it indoors on alternate Saturdays. I think Pete's Greens is still having a booth there, so their winter stuff should be available!

      They're holding them January 11, February 8, 22; March 1, 15, 29, April 12, 26 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.