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Is there a chilli sauce that doesn't need refrigeration?

I am stuck in hospital and the food is sooooo bland.

Is there a hot sauce on the market that does not need to be kept chilled after it is open? I'm in the UK but most US stuff is available on-line.

I am at high risk of infection etc. so the sauce would have to be really safe at room temperature.

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    1. re: CKaty

      Or Cholula, my favorite! I love the original flavor but the Chipotle is great too. No need to chill either.

    2. How about using a cooler? I had one during a recent hospital stay.

      I hope you are better soon.

      1. What about the individual packages of hot sauce/chilli sauce you get at take-out places? Perhaps someone could go to a restaurant and see if they could purchase some for you?

        Take good care and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

        1. Almost every breakfast restaurant I have been to has a selection of room temperature hot sauces

          Tobasco, Crystal, Texas Pete, Huy Fong, La Tapioto

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          1. re: Alan408

            Yeah I don't ever refrigerate these.

            1. re: Alan408

              Me neither, I think they are pretty hostile to most pathogens.

            2. I keep Tabasco and sriracha in the cupboard, not the fridge.

              Both easily got in the UK, Peg, although the latter might need an online order to somewhere like Wing Yip, otherwise you'd need to get someone to pop along to your nearest Chinese supermarket for you. I see you've got the Wai Yee Hong in Bristol. Tabasco will be easily available in any supermarket.

              Hope you're better soon.

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                Even Asda has Sriracha in Bristol - we are very cosmopolitan here!

                  1. re: Harters

                    I'd say "ee by gum" but that might be too cosmopolitan even for Bristol ;-)

                    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

                      1. re: Harters

                        Indeed - in Bristol we're gert lush.

                        1. re: Peg


                          I hadnt heard "lush" being used like that till I saw the Tom Kerridge series. To follow the theme - it's a "proper" word used "properly".

                          Yours, from the north west

                          Willie Eckerslike

              2. Sambal Oelek comes to mind. There's also makes a similar chili-garlic sauce that doesn't say it has to be refrigerated.


                1. If there's enough salt and/or vinegar a hot sauce keeps without refrigeration for quite a while. Commercial sauce might also have a preservative like sodium benzoate (E211). When manufacturers say 'refrigerate after opening' most likely they have in mind people keeping the sauce for months. Over time a sauce that isn't high enough in acid and salt can grow mold - white fuzzy stuff - especially where it dries along the sides.

                  Bacterial growth is usually not an issue in sauces.

                  A thin aged sauce like Tabasco will keep longer than a freshly made one with lots of pepper pulp. Or to put it another way if you shake it out of narrow neck bottle, it will keep. If you have to spoon it, I'd recommend keeping it cool.

                  1. Thanks all! I shall get my next visitor to bring me some heat!

                    1. You should outlast your room temp hot sauce. If you don't, it doesn't matter..:)
                      Wishing you a speedy recovery! I like your spirit! Doc, I need hot sauce!

                      1. I've never kept bottled chilli sauce in the fridge... I don't think it can go bad because of the high vinegar content.

                        1. I know that is not what you asked for, but how about a pepper mill for freshly ground black pepper, or some ground chipotle chili pepper from a bottle? That way, there is no risk of spoiling. These are the two things that I almost always reach for (or wish I had) when faced with bland food.

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                          1. re: vil

                            Oddly, black pepper is on my list of banned foods - in case I inhale the dust which can carry bacteria.

                            1. re: Peg

                              I'm not surprised. Recently the US FDA (food safety agency) released a study that found relatively high levels of contamination in imported spices, including black pepper. Since traditional processing includes steps like drying berries outside in the sun, they can easily be contaminated.

                          2. I don't know what you're in hospital for but, did you check with the docs to see if something with vinegar is okay?
                            I was once on some pills that put me on the "is life really worth this" diet.
                            Nothing that had any vinegar in it was allowed. So, no salad dressing, no mustard, no bbq sauce, no olives, no pickles.... What's a guy supposed to eat?
                            Oh yeah, and no alcohol to dull the pain....

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                              When I was hospitalized with meningitis, a couple of my biker friends visited, and a nurse walked in while we were passing around a bottle of Bacardi. They were thrown out, but we had fun for a little while. I didn't have much other fun there. Aunts who visit in tears, thinking you are about to croak, don't make your day.

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                                Vinegar is OK, as is alcohol - though I have no desire at all for booze.

                              2. Also consider a simple chile-infused oil.

                                1. Have you tried Lingham's Chilli sauces? This a Malaysian brand containing red chilies, sugar, vinegar, and salt (plus garlic and ginger in some varieties). It keeps fine on the shelf.

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                                    My absolute favorite, I'm almost ready to order another 1/2 case.