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Jan 5, 2014 03:21 AM

Great Empanadas - South London

I go to my local Venuzulan cafe about once a month. Food has always been good and I always liked the arepas but never really appreciated them until I tried some at a place in Elephant and there was a huge gulf in the taste and quality.
The real reason for posting though is the empnanada I tried yesterday.
The empanadas are fried to order and made with cornmeal. The outer shell is crisp, then a soft almost spomge cake like texture. They weren't stingy on the filling of tender shredded beef. I would cross London to get these so I'm lucky they're on my doorstep.

Mi cocina es tuya.
61 Westow Street
Crystal Palace
SE19 3RW

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  1. Awesome! Many thanks for the tip -- will have to try them once I get a chance.

    It's a bit apples and oranges, but how do they compare with the Colombian ones (also cornmeal I believe) at the various Brixton places e.g. El Rancho de Lalo, Las Americas? Incidentally, the ones from the Colombian stall on Maltby Street market are also pretty good.

    A different beast entirely are the Argentine ones from Portena in Borough Market. Obviously pricey given the Borough Market locale, but very tasty.

    1. Sounded like a gem of a find. Must do it next time I'm in London!

      Here in Singapore, I can only find Colombian empanadas (, as the only Venezuelan eatery in town is a fine-dining eatery and don't offer empanadas, which is more of a street food/snack item

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        1. Thanks for this info. Not too far from me. Do you go to the food market in CP on Saturday?

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            I do but I try and limit myself as you pick up a loaf of bread, couple of bits of cheese and some sausages and before you know it you've spent £20.
            I really like the cheese from the Mootown stall (especially the Caerphilly and Bermondsey spa) the fennesl sausages and Romney Lamb chops from the Jacobs Ladder stall are really good Always had good eggs at the market.
            It's also good for stuff like courgettes with flowers and wild garlic when in season.

            1. re: Paprikaboy

              I have heard that the market at the Horniman is supposed to be a nice outing with different stallholders. There are so many of the same stallholders at each market. There is a Mootown in Northcross Rd. East Dulwich on Saturday, and a Jacobs Ladder at Herne Hill on Sunday. Have you ever visited the HH one? It's open until 4 pm.

              1. re: cathodetube

                Only been to the HH one. Mainly pies, cakes and food stalls rather than produce. Not sure if that was cos it was just before xmas or because there's 2 bakeries, a butchers, greengrocers where the market is (the really good fishnomgers from W Norwood is also moving in).
                Had really good coffee and pastel de natas from a couple of the stalls.

                1. re: Paprikaboy

                  Fosse Farm chicken is there, and Jacob's Ladder and I think a couple of other meat places, plus at least 2 fruit and veg places. There is a newish Portuguese cafe on Camberwell Church street which has good natas. I think they opened in October. Have been there quite a few times for a coffee and cake. It's opposite the Greek bakery. And, Silk Rd opens at 2 pm for lunch on Sunday.

                  1. re: Paprikaboy

                    Went to HH market today and was surprised by the breadth of stalls there now. There is a newish cheese place (since September) called Blackwoods. They make their cheese in Brockley, using the same milk as Gringa Dairy in Peckham uses to make their Mexican stylee cheese. The cheese I tried was delicious and I bought some to take home. They have herb and chili flavoured soft cheese, and also some feta style cheese in oil in a jar.

                    Two charming Ethiopian woman were running a stall with food, I was offered a taste of everything, which is served with either injera or rice. One beef dish, the others were all vegetarian.

            2. In how many countries are empanadas common?