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Jan 5, 2014 03:03 AM

Teetotalling All-Nighter in 台北

Hi everyone,

I'll be landing late at TPE on the 10th of January, and coming back early the next day. Is 台北 a good city for all-night eating (but no drinking)? Could I sleep at a net cafe á la Tokyo?

If anyone is around, I'd be down to meet.


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  1. There's not really an equivalent of places to crash like Tokyo, probably because cabs are so cheap you can just go home when you're done (Downtown to the TPE via cab for about 30 USD with no traffic, the other way about 45 (airport surcharge).

    I'm not sure what "late" means, but if you head to Shi-lin night market, you can happily eat until at least 1 am, maybe later.

    The Hungry Girl in Taipei blog lists this one for 24 hours

    with rice porridge and other breakfast items.

    If all else fails, KTV (taiwanese karaoke) is open very late. It's private rooms, mainly, but they have food.

    This site lists some late night options

    Of course, 7-11 is open all the time....