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Jan 4, 2014 11:29 PM

Best meals and snacks for flu sufferer?

Seems like a timely topic, with the flu sweeping the nation -- and it's starting to make inroads on my household. *I'm* better, but now my baby (OK, my teenager -- but when she's sick, she's my baby) has got it, and my husband is about to get it.

We had chicken soup with lots of Napa cabbage and leeks last night. Tonight, we'll poach some eggs and more leeks in the leftover stock, and the healthier members of the family will have that with soba noodles.

I also made a mandarin orange "jelly" with lemon juice and agar agar (just because it's quicker to set up -- I have plain gelatin, too, and could make something tonight for tomorrow). That went down well with some crackers. Also, she ate half an apple with a little cinnamon sugar.

Thank goodness, it's not an intestinal flu, but what else would be comforting to a person with a sore throat, cough and fever?

(P.S. We'll be going to the doctor Monday morning unless the flu disappears -- I need yummy, soothing food advice.)

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  1. Flu or cold, I suppose that I find it important to stress fluids. Soups are good, especially chicken as you mentioned. For sore throat, fruit flavored ice pops, jello. I think when you're ill, your taste buds are off a bit. Food just doesn't taste like it should. After the first mouthful of a savory dish, you want no more. Foods that are less assertive can be managed better. Chicken, eggs, fish etc. I hope your family has a speedy recovery.

    1. Excellent, you have chicken soup and jelly already. I think those are some of the best foods for cold and flu. Tasty, nutritious, easy to absorb. Soba is very tasty, but isn't it more suitable for hot weather summer than cold winter?

      For sore throat and cough, I like to use some herbal drinks, but I don' think you have them. Nevertheless, warmer drinks are more soothing for the throat. Try a warm glass of honey mixed drink or a warm glass of Brovil. Oh yes, by the way, I find a ginger brown cane sugar drink/soup to be very comfortable for throat.

      Try it:

      Basically, just water, ginger and sugar. Add more ginger to be more potent. Add more sugar or subtract ginger if it is too strong.

      Oh yes, if they start to get tired of chicken soup. Then try to mix it up. Try pork or beef soup.

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      1. Elderberries? Seriously there's nothing better than elderberry elixer-1 teaspoon every 3 hours.

        1. Fluids are key, in any form. I start keeping a jar of this stuff in my freezer in Dec. Its great spooned into hot water for tea and soothes the throat.

          The other thing my family likes when we get bad colds/flu is a spicy asian broth. We either sip the broth straight out of mugs or I make a kind of Pho with lots of ginger, scallion, chicken and noodles.

          1. we pretty much run with whatever they feel like eating -- typically soups and teas and tisanes, but sometimes mashed potatoes or pasta with butter....comfort food.

            The only restriction is milk-based foods, as it tends to aggravate the congestion.