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Jan 4, 2014 09:20 PM

Local pasture-raised organic eggs

I'm looking for organic eggs which are from
pasture-raised chickens. I don't want the chickens to be fed soy or corn. Any leads?

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  1. pretty sure you can get them at the Vancouver Farmers Markets ....

    1. Vancouver Farmers Markets has a list of vendors selling free range eggs. You can contact these producers to narrow down your search:

      1. Interesting, I was just wondering about this.

        Why no corn? They give the yolks that lovely yellowness, otherwise they then to look a bit bland.

        What store-brands are the best?


        1. I read that an ingredient in corn is concentrated in the corn which is something I try to avoid. Whenever I eat corn my muscles and joints become stiff and sore. Maybe this is from GMO/non-organic corn.

          I have contacted every possible egg producer in BC and they all feed the hens some form of corn. So I guess the next best thing are hens that are fed non-GMO/organic corn.