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Jan 4, 2014 08:16 PM

Fresh pork lard for tamales

I decided for my first new cooking task of 2014 I would make fresh tamales. I went to a local mercado and bought fresh rendered pork lard. But when I look at all the recipes for the tamale dough, it says to beat the lard until it's fluffy. Looking at this brown greasy concoction I can't imagine it will get fluffy. Do I have the right stuff? Since I know nothing about freshly rendered pork lard, can someone tell me what the consistency of it should be? Do I need to adjust recipes to accommodate what looks like a greasier product than the hydrogenated stuff?

Grassy us!

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  1. Darn AutoCorrect. That last line should have read gracias!

    1. The lard you purchased was probably the result of inhouse chicarones (sp? ) cooking

      It can be off tasting

      I recommend against it because it tastes bad

      It is not freshly rendered pork lard but rather the dregs from cooking pork rinds

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        Then where do I get more desirable fresh pork lard? I don't want to hydrogenized stuff. I live in Seattle if you have any recommendations for here.

        1. re: maggieeats

          Buy some pork fat (I buy out the case at Central Market in Mill Creek) and render your own.

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            Thanks--I will look for that. I just got done making this batch of tamales a few hours ago. What I ended up with was using half of the home rendered --i.e. from a Mercado-- pork lard – the tan stuff, and half of white lard from La Tienda in the market. The other Mexican grocery in the market downtown is not open on Sunday. I was happy with the results! It gave me the fluffiness in the stability of the white lard with the flavor I was seeking from the home rendered.