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Jan 27, 2006 10:37 PM

Chill Sat. Afternoon/ Night hangouts in Austin?

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I am looking for a place to hang out, have a few beers, listen to good music and still be able to converse with my friends in a cool atmosphere in Austin. I know they're out there.

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  1. Saturday afternoon, go to the Cedar Door. It's on (or near) 3rd and Brazos. Very cold beer, amazing mexican martinis (I've heard) and a very fun patio downtown.

    Also, try the Star Bar, Opal Devine's and Woodrows. They are within blocks of each other on 6th St.

    1. The Gingerman on 4th St.

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        Seamus Mitwurst

        Rene' said Opal Divine's. I concur, but you may, depending on your location, want to contemplate the South Congress location. Nice view from the deck on nice nights with out door live music occasionally.

        Freddie's Place if you want to take your dog with you (and have him deputized, unless they lost that fight with the city). Outdoors under the oaks. I believe they have some kind of bbq happy hour special (free brisket sammiches?). I saw them smokin' it the last time I was there.