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Jan 4, 2014 06:22 PM

iso: beef tallow!

Iso: beef tallow for homemade creams and cosmetics please!
Braintree south shore area!

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  1. If you know your food safety and have an immersion circulator (or cooler and probe thermometer) it is super easy to make (although I know this wasn't your question). I forget the times and temps (I could look it up if you're interested) but all you do is vacuum-seal some medium-ground beef fat, cook it sous vide for some hours, and strain. Add herbs for flavor.

    ObFood: 606 Congress was melting it on toast and I loved it, but they closed.

      1. You should search for suet. The peak season for suet availability has just passed (Nov-Dec), when it's more available for holiday baking (mincemeat).

        Tallow is rendered suet. You do the rendering.