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Jan 27, 2006 09:55 PM

Austin Dinner for Business

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In March I'm in charge of finding a spot for dinner for 8 to 12 people near the Hyatt downtown in Austin. Any suggestions? Probably moderately upscale with a hint of style would be best.

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  1. Zax might be able to set you up, possibly even with an outside table in the courtyard though the weather might be hit or miss. It's moderately upscale for Austin, but since I don't know where you're coming from it may not meet your standard. You are also right across the bridge from downtown, which increases your options. Do you have a choice of cuisine?

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    1. re: ftf

      Thanks. I'll check out their website. This is for a group of national officers at an annual conference. We meet in relatively large cities and always have a dinner at a local eatery. Last year was in Seattle and we ate at Dahlia, one of Tom Douglas's restaurants. The group is fairly savvy with regard to foodies.

      1. re: Ken

        There are wonderful choices for steak and seafood, Trulucks, Ruth's Chris, Flemings, Sullivans, etc.

        For something deliciously different, check out the Roaring Fork. It's at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel Intercontinental. See this link.

        I think if you are a group that travels frequently, this may be your destination.


        1. re: Rene'

          Zax is probably too casual for your group. I would go with one of Rene's suggestions.

          1. re: ftf

            I looked at Zax's website after reading your post and it looks like a lot of fun for a not too casual event. I plan on checking it out this weekend. I've heard good reviews but reading your post inspired. Thanks!

    2. s
      Steve in Austin

      Shoreline Grill just across Town Lake from the Hyatt to the east. Since it's good enough for George W. Bush, it's probably good enough for your bunch.