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Jan 4, 2014 04:50 PM

Best quality/price sushi in the Greater Montreal?

Hi all,

I love Miyako (Amherst Strt) sushi, but prices are a bit pricey! There was a place on Decarie, Moushi Sushi, that I thought had the best quality/price sushi, but since they move and I can't say it's the same!

Who do you think has the best quality/price sushi in the Greater Montreal? If you can, give examples (an avocado Hosomaki at $2.95, classics like a California at $5.00 etc ....).

Looking forward to try a few of the places you may suggest!!


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  1. Aka Fuji on Wellington in Verdun is very, very good. It's not cheap, (not too expensive, either) but it is good quality so I rank it high on the value scale.

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      I agree about Aka-Fuji, although I haven't been in a couple of years so can't really recommend them.

      Another place that offers very good value is Azuma in Mile-End.

      BTW, these places are a bit more serious than your average California roll place, so they may not be what the OP is looking for.

    2. For my money, Misoya in Lasalle nigh-unbeatable at any price.

      1. My yens are at Kyoto on Decarie in Ville St. Laurent.....

        1. One of the highest quality sushis for the price is Okane at Rockland center, across from the Pharmaprix. This place is under the radar in a big way. It's not fancy but it is tops. It is one of the best quick sushi counters in the city.

          1. In the middle of nowhere but I find Sushi Plus on Beaumont to be quite fresh and reasonable.