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Jan 4, 2014 02:17 PM

Should I slice gouda or leave in wedge for cheese plate?

I received a gift of some nice cheeses. One is a smoked gouda. I am bringing a cheese plate to a party tonight. Should I chunk up or slice the gouda or should I leave it and let people cut off pieces? It's pretty firm so I don't know what to do. Thanks.

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    1. I would cube it the size of dice. I had smoked gouda on a cheese plate that way last week, worked well, didn't dry out, user friendly.

      1. We had a Gouda at our NYE party and it was completely devoured because it was sliced. If I had left it whole it would have sat. We only
        Had 9 people and they ate the whole round.

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          I agree slice it

          I like slices over cubes

          Many do not like to work to get their food, and with the sniffles going around, do you want that much handling?

        2. Obviously a seperate knife for each cheese. I would have several thin slices and leave the rest as a wedge for a pretty presentation. If it looks like people can't figure it out you can slice the rest at the party. But most cheese lovers are fairly handy with a knife ;)

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            For firmer cheeses I like to put out the "guillotine" style cheese knife like the middle one in the attached pic (and agree each cheese should have its own knife).

          2. Thanks for the replies! I ended up cutting it up after it was on board and not many people were going for it. I did not have a sharp, guillotine type knife -- I could have left it in the wedge if I had. I had two other soft cheese with spreaders and a spreader wasn't going to chop through that gouda. Thanks again for the helpful replies.

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            1. re: Reester

              Smoked gouda tastes far better than it looks.