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Jan 4, 2014 01:16 PM

Fairfield, CT area pizza

Years ago I fell in love with the Pinky Pie from Gregory's in Monroe and now that it's closed I'm looking to find something similar. I haven't seen anything comparable on menus in Fairfield (town, haven't really checked the rest of the county).

If you've never had it, the pizza was a pink vodka sauce base with parmesan cheese (I think) and literal globs of ricotta. It was delicious and I'm craving another! Does anybody know where I can find a similar pie?

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  1. Happened to see one of the specialty pies at rizuttos in Westport has something that sounds similar. While the entrees are not stellar, their pizzas are very good

    1. Pizzaria Molto in Fairfield has a pink vodka sauce pizza with chicken on their menu. They also have ricotta as toppings on other pies, so I'm sure you can mix and match for the topings you want there.