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Jan 4, 2014 12:37 PM

Stoli Pertsovka Has Anyone been Able to Get it

I have not been able to find Persovka, whether by Stolichnaya nor anyone else, The trendy pepper vodkas which are infused are not the same. Anyone out there who enjoys Persovka? I am in California.

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  1. Hasn't been manufactured in a decade more or less, and it is sorely missed. Have never found anything that even came close. I have about two inches left in a bottle that I can't bring myself to drink, because once it's gone I'll probably never have it again.

    Nemiroff has a pretty decent honey-pepper vodka (wonderful when mixed with lemonade). But it's not the same.

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      Now you've piqued my interest, but I can't seem to find the Nemiroff in stock anywhere in the US - at least not on wine-searcher or any of my usual online sources.

      1. re: ncyankee101

        That's too bad. I get it at a local Russian grocery/deli; I think I've seen it at BevMo on occasion, but can't swear to that.

    2. In poking around online, it looks like they still make it, but it's now called Stoli Hot.

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        Doesn't look like the same thing. Stoli Hot is clear, while Pertsovka was reddish-amber-colored.

        ETA: Well, there are sort of mixed signals. They're certainly tying it to Pertsovka, and some people are calling it a reissue of Pertsovka. But this excerpt from Stoli's press release gives me pause:

        "In 1962 Stoli® pioneered the flavored vodka category in the industry launching the first two commercially produced flavors in the marketplace. Today, Stoli® is debuting an original remix on those classic flavors with Hot and Sticki™, which offer a cool, modern interpretation of the first flavors from Stoli®."

        I don't want a goddamn "cool, modern interpretation" of Pertsovka. I want Pertsovka.

        Might have to buy a bottle, and dip into my last bit of Pertsovka for comparison.

      2. Just out of curiosity -- as, admittedly, it is not the same thing -- since the OP is in California, I wonder if they have tried the chipotle pepper vodka from Hangar One in Alameda....

        1. Zin53, I tried St George's pathetic version of Pertsovka when they first introduced it. Not the same at all. Some of you here know Pertsovka. Nemiroff is not the same either. The Stoli Pepper is not it. Those of you who tasted Pertsovka know this. I am sorry that it is not available for sale. Has anyone seen it for sale on the continent?

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            Well, chipotle vodka isn't an attempt to mimic Pertsovka at all. It's its own thing, for better or worse.

            As I understand it, no, Pertsovka isn't available anywhere. It isn't being manufactured at all--except as "Stoli Hot", a "cool, modern interpretation" of the original.

            1. re: theomordha

              I never said it was an appropriate substitute. Indeed, I personally have always enjoyed Pertsovka, and can't stand the Hangar One Chipolte . . . but who am I to judge the taste of others?