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Jan 4, 2014 11:48 AM

Congee Queen - 1st timer

Any standout dishes I need to know about?

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  1. The fried chili turnip patties and the spice and pepper salt squid (Asian style calamari) are really good

    1. I've had the best luck with the deep fried pork chop, spicy turnip cake, e-fu noodles and the rice noodles with beef and XO sauce. I try to stay away from dishes with shrimp because they tend to be bland and mushy and the chicken can have an off-taste to it. The noodles in soup tend to be poor due to the bland, less-than-al dente noodles. The wontons are perpetually overseasoned and taste like they've been sitting in a brine solution. The congee is OK and the fried noodles are OK.

      Which location? It's a pretty mediocre chain overall. The quality can be maddeningly inconsistent from visit to visit with surprisingly high highs interspersed with the occasional borderline inedible low. It's the convenient location and the prospect of catching them on a good night that keeps me going back for more. Good luck!

      1. Agree with tygrr - the salt and pepper squid is spectacular and the fried turnip patties are good. I've heard that the deep fried crab (claw?) is great but haven't tried it.

        1. I assume you read this thread:

          I read through that before my first trip there and it was useful/good suggestions there. Particularly like the turnip patties. The beef curry was very fatty but tasty as well.

          1. Just wanted to re-iterate my previous comment about their 'more than decent' Cantonese BBQ and Roasted Meats.