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Jan 4, 2014 11:25 AM

family-friendly restaurants near Rector/Manayunk, Smith Playhouse or Please Touch

Two adults and four small children spending 4 days in Philly. Good ideas for tasty and family-friendly restaurants? Thanks!!

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    1. Not ignoring you, but a lot of us probably never go anywhere that has kids. LOL, I can't remember the last time I ate in a restaurant that had a child in it.

      A lot of good pizza places, so that maybe a place to start. Tacconelli's is legendary and very unique (although you have to call up in advance and reserve how may "doughs" you want, it's worth the trouble).

      Help noya out here people...

      1. Nothing within walking distance of Smith Playhouse and Please Touch Museum which are in Fairmount Park.

        Nearby neighborhoods (Art Museum, Fairmount) have:
        Zorba's Taverna
        King of Tandoor

        In Manayunk you might like:
        Bella Trattoria
        Winnie's Le Bus
        Han Dynasty (or any Asian restaurant)

        1. I agree, it's a tough request. As others have said, nothing much around Smith Playground and Please Touch, as they are more or less in the middle of the park.

          I concur with Han Dynasty in Manayunk. We've been there with our kids and I always see kids in there, though it takes a somewhat adventurous palate (my picky child likes the wonton soup and scallion pancake).

          I haven't been, but my friends bring their kids to In Riva and love it.

          1. Not manayunk, but nearby in East Falls, is Earth Bread and Brewery which I recall people saying was kid friendly at least early in the evening (they have a kids appetizer of apples and peanut butter on the menu, too)

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              EBB is actually in Mt. airy, not all that close to Manayunk.

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                Well, still less than 15 mins and assuming they are already out - can't think of anywhere in manayunk...