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Jan 4, 2014 10:25 AM

Arthur's Tavern - Morris Plains

We'll be having lunch at Arthur's Tavern in Morris Plains tomorrow. Just wondering if any of you have any particular dishes to recommend (or avoid). Thanks.

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  1. You are going to get a lot of negative comments about Arthur's e.g., the steak is to fatty....well hello, it's a Rib Eye and the nature of the cut is it has lots of fat pockets and a fat cap.

    Stick with the steak or burger.....possibly the Corned Beef Sandwich.. They have a Health/Cabbage Salad, Hot Cherry Peppers, Pickles and Green Tomatoes available. If you don't see them on your table, ask your server to bring some...and don't be bashful about refilling the bowls.

    Things to avoid: you will only be disappointed.

    Onion Soup
    Garlic Bread
    Their Famous Potatoes...you already get them with a steak...they may be famous, but they aren't very good...usually undercooked.

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    1. re: fourunder

      Thanks fourunder - that's exactly the type of advice I was hoping to get.

      BTW: We're going with friends who live in Morris Plains and the restaurant is their choice so, although there are probably better places to eat, we will just 'go with the flow.' Your suggestions are just what we need.

      1. re: prio girl

        My country club is in Morris County, so it's on my way home...and I used to live in Morris Plains. I still go to Arthur's a half dozen times a year and for what it is, it's fine. It's not the greatest steak and it can be hit or miss...but for < $25, it has it's place. i have an account out there as well....he like's to go to Arthur's for lunch on a regular occasion and he doe not drink. If not mistaken, if you don't like RibEye, they now have New York Strip available as well.

        There was a time I preferred the to have the larger eye, and less fat....if that is your preference, state so at the beginning and request the center, smaller loin end steaks...so you do not get Chuck end that has more intramuscular fat.

        While you are at Arthur's, ask your friends about Collin's Pub next door. I used to go there on Monday Nights for their Lobster Special with my GF when I lived in MP.....we would order two lobsters and a Strip Steak and have our own created Surf & Turf.

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          I suggest just eating at Collins, a better steak, great onion soup, great English burger, served on an English Muffin. Arthur's is good, Collins is better.

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            I like Collins, so you don't have to convince me....but the OP is going at the suggestion of their friends. Don't you think it would be rude to suggest Collin's instead in such a scenario?

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              Yes, fourunder, you're correct and thanks for understanding. Arthur's was chosen by our friends who live in Morris Plains. We came from NYC to spend the day with them and were happy to go along with their suggestion. All the thoughts and advice from fellow 'hounds was very helpful and appreciated - thanks!

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            Avoid the garlic bread?? It's been 10+ years since I've been, but I remember a garlic and butter soaked loaf of bread topped with Parmesan cheese? I always enjoyed it although not the ordinary version of garlic bread.

            I forgot the price but if you got the larger cut you certainly got your money's worth!

            They use to have a Hoboken location, do they still?

            1. re: jrvedivici

              The bread they use is an Italian version of Wonder Bread...not a good quality bread.

              the 48 ounce is behemoth....but they don't know how to cook it...

              Hoboken, Emerson and Lake Mohawk are gone.

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                Arthurs was best before it expanded its menu so much. In the 80's there was no scrod, no ribs, etc. Just the $9.95 24oz steak, health salad, pickles, potatoes, plus a few hamburgers, a great chicken salad sandwich, onion soup and maybe a couple of additional items. Sure the steak could be fatty, but they gladly replaced it if you asked. The end cut was a little less prone to fattiness.

                Next door Collins had the NY strip steak, fresh sauteed mushrooms, steak fries, even better.

                And liters of beer were $3 at Collins, $2.50 at Arthurs. Collins charged $5 for liters of Heineken.

                Prices have climbed a lot since then at both places, and Arthur's menu expanded a lot. Collins is still a lot like it was then, although I think they may have changed owners.

                There is an Arthur's in North Brunswick, which we still visit occasionally. I used to live down the street from Arthur's/Collins in Morris Plains and visited them hundreds of times over 10 or so years, but it has been a coupld years since my last visit.

                Surprised to hear that the Hoboken location is closed.

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                  There may be some clarification needed on the Hoboken and New Brunswick locations. I clearly remember reading the Hoboken location was sold and there were plans to renovate

                  I tried to look up the sale date and new name, but it still comes up as Arthur's.. if you go on the website, there's a disclaimer *(The former Hoboken and New Brunswick locations are no longer affiliated with Arthur's Tavern)*

                  So I may be wrong about whether it is *gone*, or just new owners.

                  1. re: fourunder

                    Once I discovered Collins I've never returned to Morris Plains Arthurs but I still go to North Brunswick about once a year. I believe all the remaining Arthurs are owned separately now. Still a massive amount of steak for the money. Still awesome liter beers.

          3. re: prio girl

            I love their steak, but I now love their baked scrod, a huge portion of flaky perfectly cood fish..........

        2. Arthurs is great! 24 oz steak for 24 bucks is hard to beat. I personally prefer to go to Collins next door. Same (slightly smaller) steak and burger, cheaper price.

          But yeah, there's only two things to get at Arthurs. 24 oz steak or a burger. And a liter of beer. I guess that's three things. It's always made me happy.

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          1. re: joonjoon

            I'll have to disagree with JJ a little.....just ONE liter of beer?

            1. re: fourunder

              Thanks fourunder and joonjoon - very helpful both of you.

              I do agree with fourunder regarding the liter ;)

              1. re: fourunder

                My apologies...there's no way you can do just one liter of beer! And gotta make at least one a black n tan. YEAH!!

            2. First things first...I am a steak snob so Arthur's reminds me of my intro to steak at 21yrs old. That being said, do what your friends like and make the best of it.

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              1. re: tommygphotos

                So steak snob....where do you recommend.

                1. re: fourunder

                  Personally, I like Roots in Summit or Ruth's Chris in Weehawken. Used to enjoy Dino & Harry's in Hoboken and even Sebastiens in Morristown. Havent been to the 2 latter names in over 2 yrs though.

                  Strip House in Livingston gets a nod of satisfaction from me as well.

                  I would like to try The Palm, and Hamilton and Ward in Patterson but cant say I have heard anything about them good or bad besides YELP reviews

                2. re: tommygphotos

                  tommygphotos, when I read "intro to steak at 21yrs old" I thought of Tad's. I guess I'm showing my age...that sure was a long time ago.

                  1. re: prio girl

                    I grew up in a restaurant family....always had the best beef available......I only decided to explore cheaper, more inexpensive cuts in my post restaurant years as I becme aware of them.

                    Outside of my family's restaurants....my introduction was at Rustler...

                    1. re: fourunder

                      Wow there's a blast from the past, Rustler Steakhouse, lol. They and Ponderosa where pretty much the same concept/set up right?

                      1. re: jrvedivici

                        I've actually never been to any Ponderosa or Bonanza Steakhouse...so I can't say for sure....but I would imagine the concepts were similar. You ordered at the counter and they brought the meal to your table. The Rustler in my town turned into s Sizzler. I do not recall if Rustler had a Salad Bar....but I do recall I couldn't chew the steaks.

                  2. re: tommygphotos

                    You take that back! Arthurs rocks. :)

                  3. Reporting back after a late lunch at Arthur's.

                    First of all: there was a nice bowl of pickles and hot cherry peppers that we enjoyed but I forgot fourunder's note about health/cabbage salad and green tomatoes - darn! I wonder if that would have been available if I asked.

                    Second: I forgot the mention of liters of beer - instead I had a bloody mary - very tasty.

                    Third: I had the 24oz. steak and it was very good. Nicely seasoned, very tender and a big enough portion that I brought plenty home. It came with those famous potatoes that looked better than they tasted.

                    Also on the menu was osso buco and that's what my husband had. It was good but served with tasteless mashed potatoes.

                    Our friends mentioned that they like to go to Collins next door for the Monday night lobster special.

                    All in all, it was a good meal and I really appreciated all the heads-ups and comments from my fellow hounds - Thanks!

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                    1. re: prio girl

                      That sounds like you had a very nice afternoon with your friends and thanks for the details and sharing. Far too often people only have one experience and trash a place forever. The same can be said for the Alexus Steakhouse, but they too have become better in the past couple of years and old reviews and experiences may no longer be true. The only negative I can say about the Alexus is they false advertise the weight of their 24 ounce steak. It's closer to 16 ounces.

                      Should you ever have to visit Morris County, on the Route 10 corridor, you can consider Molly Malone's, which offers the same steak, albeit a little more expensive, it's very good. Heading west, there's a Minado for Sushi. On Mondays, they do not offer their full menu, but have *Maki Monday*, for $17, The mere fact they offer real soft serve Vanilla and Green Tea Ice Cream is enough for me to make a visit. A little further up the road in Randolph is the Morris Tap & Grill. I have not yet eaten there, but I stopped by one night looking for directions and it's a very nice place. I met the owner and I like the way he approaches his business.



                      1. re: fourunder

                        Re the Rt 10 corridor, I would add Il Villaggio, casual but outstanding Italian style food.