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Jan 4, 2014 10:17 AM

Help re Paris


Will be in Paris for 5/6 days at the end of Jan.

Am looking for recommendations re the best quality for money places to eat. You know - not the 3* Michelin venues, rather those places that the locals know serve great stuff at reasonable prices.

For example: I am in London. I am after the Lahore Kebab House, Dabbous or Mangal I rather than Oxo, Gordon Ramsay or the Fat Duck!

Hope you can help, and thanks in advance

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  1. Try the search above using "best value."

    1. Search for JFores threads on Paris

      1. Here's a quick and dirty look at eight 2013 lunches, giving my rating 0-10 and the price for 3-courses (sorry for the lack of coordinates but they are all searchable on Google or my blog):
        7.9 Cantine de La Cigale 25-40 E a la carte
        7.5 Les Premices 24 menu
        6.7 Encore 30 menu
        6.6 Verre Moutarde 29.50 menu
        6.5 Gagnage 22 menu
        6.2 Jeanne B. 17 menu & Cuistance 27 menu
        6.1 Chameleon 19 menu

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