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Jan 4, 2014 08:36 AM

Crescenza aka Stracchino in Morris County NJ?

I would like to try to make focaccia di Recco. Before I start calling cheese shops, I was wondering if any CHers have seen this anywhere in the area? BelGioioso makes a domestic brand.

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  1. In a pinch Burrata mixed with a little stink would work.
    BTW l will be over at 7:30.

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    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

      Thanks. Come on over. I would love to talk cheese with you. I have lurked for a long time and enjoy your posts.

      Funny I just found some burrata in the fridge that has a Jan 1st date. Ate some for lunch and was looking for a way to use the rest!

      I lived in Genoa when I was 5 years old and Focaccia di Recco is one of my great food memories.

    2. Not in Morris Cty, but not far--I'd call Belgiovine's Deli in Montclair ( and/or check Fairway or Corrado's. Maybe even King's?

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      1. re: Curlz

        I am going check with them. Thanks for the tips! I was also thinking of the new Shop Rite in Morris Plains.

      2. Try calling Anthony & Sons in Denville. I was there yesterday to get take out, and while waiting for the sandwiches to be completed I spent my time browsing the isles. They have an extensive cheese selection, and if I remember correctly they had stracchino. It's worth a phone call to verify before driving.

        Esposito's in E. Hanover may carry it as well, if Anthony & Sons does not have it, try Esposito's, my other go to Italian deli in Morris Co.

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        1. re: PuniceaRana

          Thanks for the suggestions.
          I checked with Esposito's before Christmas-I work in East Hanover and they did not have it.

          However, I did not even think of Anthony and Sons. I pass by Denville every day on my way home so I will stop in today.

          The quest continues!

          1. re: DDaruba

            So the quest continues. I stopped at Anthony and Sons yesterday and they did not have it. BUT I did find $30 worth of product I did not know I HAD to have! ;-) And OMG, you can smell the fresh baked bread before you even get out of your car. They do carry BelGioioso brand cheeses so I am going to return with the info and see if I can special order.

            When it gets a little warmer next week, I will check out Gary's and Whole Foods in Madison and C'est Cheese in Morristown.

            1. re: DDaruba

              I was checking out Wegmans website to see if they carried another product I've been searching for, and remembering your quest, checked to see if they carry stracchino, and low and behold they do! The nearest Wegmans is currently located in Bridgewater, but they are supposed to open a new large store in Hanover at the Ridgedale Ave & rte 10 intersection this year.

              I recommend calling before driving all the way to Bridgewater, just to make sure they have it in stock. (908) 243-9600

              1. re: DDaruba

                I checked in Whole Foods on Sunday. No go.

          2. Is c'est cheese still in Morristown?

            1. The cheese department at Gary's wines in Madison might be worth a call.

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