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Jan 4, 2014 07:50 AM

Mi Comalito in Baltimore

Last night we tried Mi Comalito in Baltimore, on Charles at 21st. Finally, there is a genuinely good Mexican place in town, although strictly speaking it's more Central American since they have "Mexican", "Honduran" and "Salvadoran" sections on their menu.

I had the beef soup with vegetables. Very simple, flavorful, and delicious. We also enjoyed pupusas (the best I've had anywhere, including LA), and a Salvadoran plato tipico. Chips are served still warm (or at least that's how we got them).

My best new experience at a Baltimore restaurant in a while, so I thought it was worth mentioning here. This place blows the places on Eastern Ave out of the water for sure.

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  1. Yes, good news. What's in the plato tipico?

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    1. re: curioussheridan

      I think there were 2 on the menu. We got the one with steak, shrimp + cream sauce, a pupusa, avocado, some sort of queso fresco and fried plantains.

      I forgot we also got the meat-filled pastelitos, also delicious.

      I'd love to hear a report on the tacos, if anyone tries the Mexican part of the menu.

    2. Thanks for the scoop? Do you know if it's BYOB?

      1. Organizing a lunch outing to Mi Comalito next Thursday. Who's interested?

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          1. re: lawhound

            12 noon. It'll be good to see you, Lawhound! Is it just one of you?

        1. Noon at Thursday. Ill be there Tartuffe

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              1. re: tartuffe

                Did I misread this also? Thought it was Thur. 1/23 ("next Thursday"). Please advise. Thx

                1. re: lawhound

                  Wondered why you weren't there, Lawhound. Eight of us came. Favorites were the plato tipico, with its plantains, deep fried cornbread ("tamal"), tasty tongue tacos, a breakfast burrito with strong cheese (not liked by all) and crispy chicken with corn and cheese. We ate very well for about $12 a head.

                  1. re: curioussheridan

                    Sorry to have missed this. Count me in for the next one.

                    1. re: lawhound

                      Great! The best way to find out about these events is to sign up to the Charm City Chowhounds yahoo group