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Jan 4, 2014 07:47 AM

Spin-Off: What gins to people love?

As a spin-off from "Why do so many people hate Gin?", I'd love to know what gins people love . . . and for what type of drink?

While I am not wedded to any single gin myself, when it comes to the "BIG brands," I prefer Tanqueray and Bombay over Bombay Sapphire for a G&T; Plymouth, Boodle's or Beefeater in a martini.

But if smaller, "artisinal" gin is available, I prefer No. 209 for a martini, and St. George Botanivore in a G&T.

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  1. My regular drinkers are Boodles and Bombay Original in either a gin buck or a G 'n T. I also will gladly drink Tanqueray Original, Beefeater, and Brokers. When I am feeling flush, I do enjoy Junipero.

    1. As I mentioned in the other thread, I am a Boodles drinker, courtesy of a recommendation by John D. MacDonald, the Travis McGee series author. The fact that Mr. MacDonald subsequently revoked his recommendation for Boodles (because he claimed that the taste changed when they started making it in the U.S.), never affected me. I still love it.

      But most of the time, I asked for Tanqueray in martinis. It is less expensive and you can't get Boodles in a lot of bars.

      1. If I only had to pick one, Beefeater. For another versatile large batch, Martin Miller's Westbourne.

        So many good small batch gins these days like Northshore, Wireworks, St. George's trio, etc. that it is hard to pick a single one.

        1. My first gin was a gift of Tanqueray from a friend, and I have enjoyed it in martinis ever since.

          Since I normally have warm GNT here in Florida, I prefer Gordon's.

          And have never said no to a Bombay Sapphire martini with Noilly Prait vermouth.

          1. My favorite cocktail is an icy cold, very very very dry martini. And my favorite gin for a martini is Tanqueray Ten, and when that's not available, just plain old Tanqueray. I also like Plymouth. Boodles is another good one, but it's probably been at least 20 years since I've had it. I know Hendrick's is well loved among many gin drinkers, but I'm not a huge fan (although I would never turn it down!).

            When I order mixed gin-based cocktails, like gin and tonic, I never specify which gin to use--I'm not that picky. And at home, I would just use the least expensive gin I have on hand, which is usually Tanqueray.

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              Plymouth was a house gin when it was $16/750mL and $20/1L. Now it's double that at $32-35 for the same 750mL thanks to their marketing program. It's a good soft beginner gin. Hendrick's has more flavor components but it is still a good beginner gin for the juniper is pushed back (Hendrick's pricing hasn't really changed too much for it has been $30+ for a while).