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Jan 4, 2014 05:51 AM

What would you serve at a mustard tasting party?

I am planning to host a mustard tasting party... and wondering what to serve with the mustard. Your immediate thought might be bratwurst/sausage but I am catering to a veg-crowd.

I am thinking pretzels and beer but wondering about other main-type dishes.

Any help would be great. :)


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  1. Lentils with a mustard sauce. I use this recipe as a base, but omit the fennel and bacon.

    Pretzels are always fun of course. You could also have some nice rye bread.

    Eggs. Deviled eggs should include mustard.

    If you have Around My French Table, the mustard tart in that book is sensational. Oh! Found the recipe online:

    Some kind of bean dish with a mustard-based jerk hot sauce.

    [I love mustards!]

    1. I guess I'd be thinking multiple pots of cheese fondue with different mustards and cheese varieties thrown in to highlight different pairings. Beyond pretzels of various varieties this is a bit difficult for a vegetable oriented crowd but roasted vegetables that pair well with cheese would be a hit with my non veg centric friends. I can think of lots of non veg centric variations but this won't work for you

      1. Definitely have cornichons.
        Cauliflower steaks , or just roasted cauliflower is great with mustard cream sauce.

        1. What about just plain boiled potatoes? Kind of like German potato salad without all the other ingredients. It would certainly let the flavor of the mustard come through.