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What would you serve at a mustard tasting party?

I am planning to host a mustard tasting party... and wondering what to serve with the mustard. Your immediate thought might be bratwurst/sausage but I am catering to a veg-crowd.

I am thinking pretzels and beer but wondering about other main-type dishes.

Any help would be great. :)


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  1. Lentils with a mustard sauce. I use this recipe as a base, but omit the fennel and bacon. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/an...

    Pretzels are always fun of course. You could also have some nice rye bread.

    Eggs. Deviled eggs should include mustard.

    If you have Around My French Table, the mustard tart in that book is sensational. Oh! Found the recipe online: http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.co...

    Some kind of bean dish with a mustard-based jerk hot sauce.

    [I love mustards!]

    1. I guess I'd be thinking multiple pots of cheese fondue with different mustards and cheese varieties thrown in to highlight different pairings. Beyond pretzels of various varieties this is a bit difficult for a vegetable oriented crowd but roasted vegetables that pair well with cheese would be a hit with my non veg centric friends. I can think of lots of non veg centric variations but this won't work for you

      1. Definitely have cornichons.
        Cauliflower steaks , or just roasted cauliflower is great with mustard cream sauce.

        1. What about just plain boiled potatoes? Kind of like German potato salad without all the other ingredients. It would certainly let the flavor of the mustard come through.

            1. I think that little lentil cakes you could put a bit of a mustard on and then eat in one bite would be great for tasting them.

              1. Roasted fingerling or baby red potatoes, halved

                Miniature or finger sandwiches made with sourdough/rye/pumpernickle bread.

                Fillings may include roasted mirepoix spread I like to make with onions/carrots/celery & garlic; puree it with seasonings. Use for sandwich filling with maybe some sauerkraut. Perfect with mustard and even better toasted.

                Grilled cheese sandwiches of all sorts; particularly with thinly sliced apple or pear.

                Baked brie wheel topped with a chutney; served with toasted crostini/crackers and mustard

                Use one of the vegetarian sausage or hot dogs available to cut & wrap in dough for pigs in blankets. You could also cut these in quarters, stick in wooden skewers then batter & fry for mini corn dogs.

                Veggie patties and/or sausage makes great mini burgers or sausage biscuits for mustard. You'll get about four minis out a patty (save the scraps for a meatball or chili recipe later). Use cocktail buns or make an easy recipe for mini buns.

                Mini potato knishes; make (recipes online) or buy frozen.

                Fried onion rings are great with a spicy mustard

                IMO, this type of tasting is best with appetizers instead of main courses, especially if vegetarian.

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                  Excellent suggestions right down to the very last line.

                  In addition to the mock sausages that have been mentioned several times, there are other mock meats, such as mock chicken nuggets and kabobs.

                  I'm thinking some fruit, to offset all the savory items - for contrast and maybe to try with some of the mustards - mango, melon, berries, pineapple?

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                    Any more detailed on the roasted mirepoix?

                    1. re: fldhkybnva

                      It is basically equal parts of each veggie (or whatever amount of each you like) on a lined baking sheet or other dish, drizzled with olive oil and roasted until caramelized. I cut the pieces about 2 inches or so and stir the veggies from time to time to ensure equal roasting. I typically roast on 400F. degrees for 15-20 minutes depending on the amount I'm cooking. I add garlic cloves to my mixture (personal preference) but I only add during the last 10 minutes of cooking to prevent burning.

                      I usually puree my mirepoix once cooked with any residual oil from the cooking and keep it in a covered container in the fridge. I typically don't season it because I use it in other dishes in which I'll season later.

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                        Thanks, do you ever freeze it for later?

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                          Yes I do...just make sure you store it in a air tight container with a drizzle of olive oil over the top.

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                            Thanks, it'll be nice to have it already ready.

                  2. Keeping with the pretzel/snack kind of theme. A variety of bread, crackers and cheeses for the main tasting. Some dips or sauces made with mustard as other things to round out the menu.

                    My mother makes a simple dip/sauce for asparagus or green beans by mixing sour cream, mustard and chopped green onion or chives. You could make up a couple of versions using different types of mustard and serve with blanched asparagus and/or green beans for dipping. (maybe roasted broccoli or cauliflower) I've seen online recipes that call for using a combo of mayo and sour cream.

                    Or steamed artichokes with a creamy mustard dip.

                    While I'm not a big fan of honey mustard, but I know some people really like it. Consider something similar to the sour cream & mustard dip with doing different kinds of mustard mixed with honey. Maybe some crisp greens for dipping or battered/deep fried veggies or mushrooms.

                    I agree with other posters that mentioned boiled potatoes.

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                      I'd go for fried potato nuggets (the frozen kind from the supermarket),latkes, or roasted potatoes, more than boiled, and would also suggest Trader Joe's frozen meatless meatballs, if you live near their store.

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                        The boiled potato recommendation comes from the Swiss dish of heating Raclette cheese. Some of the best mustard I have had was in the Alps. The pretzel/mustard combination served with cheese reminds me of weeks spent each winter in the Alps in Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria. For me, the combination of soft pretzels, dark breads, cheese and boiled potatoes is perfect with mustard. Along with some good beer.

                        Tater Tots are not in my repertoire.

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                        Geez, you guys are making me hungry. Great question and great ideas!

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                          Scuba, I would have suggested pastrami or corned beef sliders, but OP said it is a veg-crowd.

                        2. I went to a mustard party last year for my neighbor who is bringing French mustards to the US..we had over 25+ of fantastic flavors, we were served South American beer and we dipped with cheeses, variety of breads, pretzel sticks, crackers, veggies.

                          Loved the French mustard party but those little jars are big $$.

                          Have fun!

                          1. Pretzels are a given. Some kind of nice sturdy potato dish... oh, how about roast green beans? You'd have to omit the bacon but green beans are great with mustard.

                            1. a salad with shredded raw green apple, celery root, green beans, pecans.......great with mustard dressing and blue cheese.

                                1. Baby Cakes Sliders...mini rolls with assorted small pancakes: potato, corn, zucchini. Lots of possibilities.

                                  1. What a fun party!
                                    For tasting the actual mustards the suggestion of boiled new potatoes or fingerlings is great.

                                    For additional food baked mini quiche, a lentil and veggie salad, rye bread with cream cheese and dill, roasted veggies with pesto, a crudite platter that includes pickles, cheese straws or cheese biscuits.

                                    There are now some great veg faux meats if you want to do a "sausage", field roast is the best IMO, trader joe's meatless balls (frozen) or their meatless soysages (refridgerated) are also very good.

                                    1. I would not have anything with too forward a flavor, nothing sour or sharp, certainly nothing tasting of mustard. Bland, a bit rich – the suggestion of baby potato halves is a good one. Not deviled eggs, just halves of small boiled ones. Breads and crackers of various kinds, with mild cheeses such as Fontina, brie or young camembert, maybe some other spreadables. Thick pretzel sticks, not skinny ones.

                                      1. Vegetarian mustard lover here!

                                        Pretzels and breads like everyone else said.
                                        Potato pancakes, white beans or jumbo Lima beans, blanched cauliflower, vegans sausage (like Oregon field roast)

                                        Also along side some dippers having the ability to make slider type sandwiches with white rolls, different cheeses, lettuce, and tomatoes (okay ham for meat eaters if you've got them.) so after everyone tastes and enjoys the mustard can make a slider or two.

                                        Also avocado works well with mustard.

                                        1. chicken nuggets

                                          corn fritters

                                          tater tots

                                            1. A hot vegetarian appetizer. An Indian onion baghi (not sure on spelling).

                                              1. I am back with an update. You guys had fabulous suggestions and we ended up serving our spread of 12 mustards with small boiled white potatoes, roasted cauliflower, cornichons, hummus, pretzels, chips and some sausages for the meat eaters. Beer, too. Everyone thought the potatoes were the best way to try out each mustard. :)

                                                Thanks again.


                                                1. I know it's too late for the OP, but for people who consult this thread in the future, I visited a mustard stand in the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto recently, and they did their tastings with little cubes of warm peameal bacon (Canadian bacon with a cornmeal crust). It was pure awesome.

                                                  1. A baked ham, a sharp knife, and a basket of small rolls. I have made this my standard party offering and always surround the ham with a variety of mustards---I feature the ham, you feature the mustard--- different purposes but we arrive in the same place.