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Jan 3, 2014 10:11 PM

Humble Greaseries in Chicago & Indian (near downtown)

I'm a big fan of shot/tall boy joints that open at 6am and the best greasy burger/hot dog/wings you can find where you can find them.

I know Chicago is the kind of place that has the real deal unlike my hometown San Diego, which rolls up at 10pm (but I'll take the weather).

Where do I need to go in Chicago next week? What is not to miss?

I'm also planning on going to Cumin one night for an Indian fix - am I wrong to make this my one stop for curry?

I'm there for five nights. Staying at the Omni with no car. I have one long sleeved shirt but am planning on layering.

Thank you very much Chow!

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  1. Um... I don't know what to say other than if you think one long sleeved shirt (even with layering) is going to keep you warm in Chicago next week it is best that you stay in your hotel/motel/friends place and plan on ordering out!

    1. I love Cumin, but in full disclosure it is Nepalese and I am not a huge fan of Indian food. Cumin is however relatively close to the central tourist area where you are probably staying.

      Those who love Indian food go to the Devon Avenue area which is a good 10 miles from that area. It is accessible by public transportation but without a car and without some seriously warm clothes (not sure what you mean by layering, but it's going to take more than a sweater and a sports coat next week), Cumin's location probably makes it a good option for you.

      1. Layering?! Are you kidding? I'm from Chicago living in LA many years. I once went to San Francisco for Labor Day weekend and forget my winter coat. I "layered" meaning I wore every stitch of clothes I'd brought! That won't work in a Chicago winter. Bring a winter coat (go to the Goodwill) or you will be miserable or suffering from hypothermia. While you're at it, pick up some gloves and a scarf!

        My favorite hot dog stand is Carl's at 1957 East 83rd Street, Chicago 60617

        1. My son, who lives in Bucktown loves Cumin. I've not eaten there, but I trust his food recommendations.

          And, piling on, you absolutely will need a winter coat. In my experiences, visitors from SoCal on a normal or even warmish January day in Chicago -- say high temps in the 20s or low 30s -- are unaccustomed to the cold and uncomfortable. Next week the forecast is for unusually bitter cold, with some days when the high temp will be in negative figures. Even experienced Chicagoans dressed head to toe in appropriate outer wear will be cold. There is no way that anyone, much less someone unaccustomed to cold weather, would be able to venture outside in layers without a real winter coat.

          1. ok ok, I bought a coat, long johns, gloves and everything. Now where do I go to drink all day and eat greasy awesome food?! I'll take a cab, whatever. From the Omni downtown.

            Thank you everyone!

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              So glad to hear that you got religion but even with your purchases this is a bad time to be in Chicago. Drinking and eating all day is relatively easy but eating awesome greasy food is a little more challenging. I've eaten many a burger at the Mr. J's Dawg & Burger (referenced by TasterChicago) when I was a youngster but haven't been in many many years. I do remember that the owners/workers were particularly kind and generous to us regulars from the nearby law school and treated all of us to a wonderful drunken feeding frenzy in Greektown. The kind of places you seem to desire are not exactly flourishing around the Omni. Places I go to when (frequently) the spirit moves me include Big and Littles Seafood on Orleans. Really good quality and a little bit of everything. No liquor however. There are some great taquerias on and just off Ashland but since you're from San Diego and don't have a car that's probably not your thing. There are other places that I like but none that I can think of convenient to your location without a car.