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Jan 3, 2014 10:00 PM

Help - need reso suggestions for tomorrow

I'm looking for a semi-formal restaurant - mains $30 - $50. The in-laws are coming to town. They're not into truffles or fois gras, but they still know good honest tasty food. My initial plan A was Ruby Watchco but they're closed. So is Woodlot. I was thinking of Epic or Le Select but any reviews of those places seem outdated. Any suggestions along those lines would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Carbon Bar - The new Meat /BBQ centric resto from David Lee opened mid December. Based on Tweeter & pictures posted they do not seem to be filling up each night so you should still be able to get a table. Food is not too fancy/ fussy (I would avoid the Pitmaster platter as it is expensive and I was not wowed by anything on it) Beef rib looked good as well as the chicken. Upscale surroundings and service is done well. You should be fine with your budget.

    1. What about Farmhouse tavern?

      1. I've always enjoyed dinner at Le Select. Would also consider Globe, Globe Earth, Pastis, Ici.

        1. Are we talking Saturday or Sunday? Hard to tell from your time of posting. Some other ideas - Sidecar, Zucca, The Grove, Mistura or Harbord Room. I think Le Select is also great - very solid - although it can be loud depending on what table you get.

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            I love The Grove but I don't think it fits the ask here

            +1 for Globe who seem to have found the path again after wandering in the wilderness for a while

          2. We went to Bestellen last Sunday with our son and his wife and really enjoyed it. The food is good, honest and very tasty.