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Jan 3, 2014 09:20 PM

Nakazawa - Bar vs Table?

I love sitting at the sushi bar (any sushi bar), as I like to watch the chefs and engage in conversation with them about the fish and about the progression of the meal.

I just got a table reservation at nakazawa, not at the bar. My budget will probably only allow me to eat there once this year. Should I keep the table and eat there? Or should I cancel and keep trying for the bar? Would I be disappointed? Or is the fish so good, it won't matter?

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  1. I havent eaten there yet. But , generally, a table at a sushi restaurant is not as good. However, if all that is posted is true, the fish will be very good.
    If you take the reservation, please report back

    1. I ate at a table.

      The bar clearly would have been much better.

      But really, it's so hard to get in at all, it's not worth the trouble of holding out.

      Take the table and be done with it.