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Jan 3, 2014 09:00 PM

Paramount and Trident alternatives

Both were my goto options for classic American breakfast - eggs dishes, french toast, some fresh juice and coffee - but lately I have been left very unimpressed by both

1) Trident has got way too big and popular. The place is extremely noisy, and I've felt several times that waiters were pretty much trying to "process" me as quickly as possible so that the can seat new people. Makes sense from a short term business point of view, but not exactly sure how this strategy plays with repeat customers. Food itself was underwhelming too, for example their poached eggs had watery pockets. Not great.

2) Paramount (Beacon Hill) seems to have changed the food to filler ratios quite a lot. I have ordered omelets several times now and it appears they are getting less tasty and smaller while the amount of home fries seems to grow steadily. Is it possible they use less butter or less ingredients compared to earlier? Something clearly has changed. Also every single time I am surprised about the bill: Just this morning I paid about $40 for breakfast for two which was neither really good nor really filling.

So, long story short I need a few alternatives. I am explicitly not looking for "fine cuisine brunch" or however one might call this but more for a nice, non-greasy breakfast place where I can get some eggs, waffles etc. that should taste better than I can make them myself and have a pleasant atmosphere.

Any ideas?

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  1. Location may be an issue for you but, if not, my favorite breakfast places are the Spot Café in Watertown, Victor's Diner on North Beacon in Watertown (which has a new name that I can't recall), Johnny's Luncheonette in Newton Centre (never on a weekend however), Anthony's Café on the Waterfront on Commercial Street, Town Diner in Watertown (I don't like the one in Newton Centre), Martin's in Brookline and Family Restaurant in Brookline. Mandy and Joe's in Brighton Center is good but I find it is sometimes icy cold and I don't like to eat in my coat! Also Brasserie Jo serves breakfast and it's a good one.

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      I second both Johnny's Lunchonette and Deluxe Town Diner (also agreed Watertown>Newton on that one). I have to say my favorite breakfast meal in the Boston area is corned beef hash with poached eggs and a single banana pancake from DTD. Now I want that.

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        Second the Family Restaurant in Brookline.
        And try Brookline Lunch in Central Square, Cambridge. You will be full and it's hard to spend more than $10 a person. (There's usually a line on weekends, though)

    2. Since I often recommend Trident and haven't been myself in the past few months, I'm going to check it out. I would think the second floor restaurant space would have taken the pressure off but maybe it has created a bigger seating area than the staff and management can handle.


      1. I haven't been for a year or so, but you could give Metropolis in the South End a try. It won't be cheaper, but it's been pretty consistent when I've gone. You could also check out Gaslight.

        In the North End, my husband and I recently went back to the North Street Grille after avoiding the place for a couple of years due to significant service issues. We were pleasantly surprised. You could also try Ferrara's on Salem St., although we haven't been for a couple of years. Either place will likely still cost $40 for two.I'm not endorsing either place, just trying to give you Boston options to check out. If you're driving, we park at the Parcel 7 garage on Sudbury and buy something at Haymarket to get the ticket validated. It costs $1 for 2 hrs. or $3 for 3 hrs. (If you go over 3 hrs., you pay the exorbitant regular fee!)

        We were underwhelmed by Joe's American the one time we went, and haven't tried Met Back Bay. I'm not including any of the 10 a.m. places on my list, just the ones that open fairly early.

        If you make your way to Cambridge, the Saturday breakfast at Henrietta's table is surprisingly affordable and very good. Don't go on a Sunday, though, unless you want an expensive buffet.

        1. Try Thornton's Restaurant on Huntington Ave across from the Christian Science Center.

          1. "Just this morning I paid about $40 for breakfast for two which was neither really good nor really filling."

            Given the size of the pancakes at The Paramount, this surprises me. I can't leave there without feeling like I'll never need to eat again, at least not without being very careful about what I order. And I can't remember the last time I paid more than $20 for breakfast for two (pancakes, sausage, eggs, coffee).

            We did this topic a little while ago and you may want to consult the thread "best pancakes in the Boston area":

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              Well, I don't know, but we both ate omelets. These were quite small.