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Jan 3, 2014 07:45 PM

Dinner Near City Winery

Philadelphia and Houston Hounds headed your way mid March. We are seeing a show at City Winery. We haven't been up for a couple of years and would love to hear suggestions within walking distance of the venue.

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  1. You didn't specify budget, time, or type of cuisine.
    Japanese- Hirohisa
    Seafood- Aqua Grill
    Italian- Bar Pitti
    Chinese- China Blue
    Sushi - Sushi Azabu
    All are walkable, longest distance is about 10 blocks

    1. No interest in having dinner at the City Winery or the Barrel Room??

      1. The dutch
        Blue ribbon (original location on spring st)
        +1 for bar pitti

        1. for what it's worth, i've really been enjoying their "City Cab" wines. they often have them for sale in the barrel room - 3 for $50. they're generous with samples at the bar, so if you have time to spare definitely try to get in there.