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Jan 3, 2014 07:20 PM

Lindt outlet at Eaton Centre..

Is closing. Well, the Sears is closing.. so everything at Lindt is 50%. In case there are any chocolate fans on the board..

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  1. Amazing that a day goes by without comment,,,, especially with so many Chowhounds so downtown oriented, one can guess they were too busy rushing to get there first and well thank you for your posting but that would be an hour drive.
    I mostly cover the horseshoe outskirting downtown and the parking, congestion, etc. problems. So for those that took your very good advice, may they enjoy chocolate!

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    1. re: Jar

      FYI - not to take anything away from this helpful post, there are at least two lindt outlet stores with amazing discounts that change regularly. One is on the Queensway east of the 427 and the other is Markham Rd in Scarborough.

      1. re: justsayn

        Yes, I go to the factory outlet basically on the east border area of Brampton Mississauga.

        1. re: Jar

          Yes, I am really going to miss that outlet since I don't have a car.. they carry a lot of flavours that aren't found in regular stores. They did have the couverture etc on sale.. but they are all gone now. Sigh... I find those things don't go on sale often. It's close to my office... going to have to go back on Monday, I think!

    2. does Lindt still make Excellence Bars in 55% "Cuba" and 80% "Peru" versions?

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        I'm not sure: I know that they have different % chocolate bars though..
        alas, went back today to stock up some more.. and they were all packed up! Yesterday was their last day...