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Jan 3, 2014 06:48 PM

NOCA Closed for Dinner Due to Renovations

It appears that Eliot is closing NOCA to dinner, while renovations are being undertaken. Do not know what those will entail.

They are open for lunch, but cannot comment on how much seating will be available, or the menus, but those should be on their Web site.


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  1. They've been closed for dinner for... 3-4 months now, perhaps? Should be reopening soon, actually. Urciuoli's out. New chef on board but not yet announced.

    1. HI Bill

      Been doing ethnic lately. These days where might one go on a Sunday for a way above average dinner?

      1. Six of us lunched at NOCA a couple of days after Christmas. As Dmnkly mentioned, dinner service has been closed for several months but I could see no evidence of any renovations in the restaurant - nothing looked to be changed.

        Having said that, my son has been to several business lunches at NOCA during this time. It is a very different NOCA with slimmed down staff. Actually, diners order their lunch at the bar, pour their own water or iced tea and meals are delivered to the table. The wine list is pared and there are a couple of beers available.

        We all enjoyed our lunch but it was not a traditional NOCA meal. I have looked online for the menu but cannot find it. Sandwiches are featured along with salads and burgers, there was a pizza special and a soup special as well. Wish that I had more/better info but when we asked staffers about 'what is happening?' we received differing answers.

        Since we have enjoyed this restaurant since its opening, I hope to learn what's up and when we can expect the return of the 'regular' NOCA. Eliot, if you're reading this, could you please give us some info? Meanwhile, we'll be back for lunch.

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          What you've described is the "Nocawich" lunch that has been offered for quite some time -- long before the current evening closure began. It's a different menu and different style of service from dinner. In fact, Nocawich is now offered at Sky Harbor Airport as well. As for what's happening with the renovations and dinner service, I don't know.