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Jan 3, 2014 06:42 PM

Can I roast the broccoli stalks?

Um. I've never posted here before. I'm hoping I'm doing this right.

Anyway, I've fallen in love with roasting my veggies. I really love broccolini roasted, but I can only actually get broccolini from a supermarket that I can't get to easily on my own. (2 buses and a 1/4 mile walk in snow, plus 1 bus is horribly slow just for 1 veggie? no thank you.)

I was looking up some tips on how to roast broccoli, but I noticed they only use the florets. Is there a reason for that? Are the stalks really bitter or something? I've personally never cooked with fresh broccoli yet.
I greatly prefer the stalks when I roast broccolini.

Feel free to let me know of any other veggies you enjoy roasted. :O I'm trying to expand my veggie taste palette.

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  1. I roast the stalks all the time. I generally peel the tough outer skin first, then slice into medallions. I think it's a very North American thing (though not so much a chowhound thing) to only use the florets. But I grew up with my mom using the stalks in stir fries, so I just naturally assumed that everyone ate them. :o)

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      Yes, peel them---wonderful! Maybe better than the florets. And cauliflower 'steaks' (cut into big vertical slices). I prefer to grill, but no reason roasting wouldn't be as good. Try either with a *very* little bit of smushed anchovy.

    2. Roasted broccoli is awesome!

      We fight over the stalks here.

      1. Roasted root vegetables is one of my staple winter foods: diced carrots, parsnips, turnips, onions, potatoes, whatever I have tossed with olive oil and roasted. I also like to roast cauliflower before mashing it and making it into a sorta-Indian flatbread.

        Re broccoli stalks: I was surprised when I found out that some people didn't think they were edible and apparently discarded them!

        1. Yes you can roast the stalks and I agree with peeling them first.
          I loke to roast cauliflower tossed in olive oil with grape tomato. The tomatoes burst and make "sauce". Serve with lots of grated Parmesan cheese.

          1. Don't roast the stalks.

            Eat them raw, they're sweet and crunchy. Just peel the hard outer layer first.

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              ...I don't know why I never thought of trying them raw first.

              Thanks for the tip on peeling them! :D

              1. re: xjaebelle

                If you do decide to roast the stalks, make soup.

                Peel, roast, puree, garnish with a dollop of crème fraîche. Voila, best soup you've ever had from a previously shunted vegetable part.

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  I always liked the stalks peeled and lightly blanched/steamed. They are SUPER sweet and need no flavoring or accompaniment.