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Jan 3, 2014 05:20 PM

Help! Can't remember name of restaurant in Siena

Last year I got a recommendation off of this site for a casual resturant in Siena. I was alone and really enjoyed my meal/experience. We are headed back and I really want to take my family to this resturant. But alas I can't remember the name of it or a clue on where it was!

What I do remember

- In historic centre although a bit of a hike
- you had to walk down stairs into it
- small sign (orange perhaps with a stag or horse on it?
- it seemed pretty traditional (server didn't speak English)
- great food!

Thank you in advance! I know it's a long shot!

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  1. Could it have been San Giuseppe?
    Although I can't imagine them not speaking English there???

    1. Osteria Il Campaccio? This has pictures:

      Don't know if it has ever been recommended on this site.

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        Yes!! Thank you! That's totally it, wow you made my day.