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Jan 3, 2014 04:33 PM

Survey: Do you wash your poultry before cooking?

FDA has advised against washing raw chicken for quite some time. Recently, a public health campaign has launched to warn against washing chicken, such as these videos:

Julia Child and Jacques and Pepin have disagreed this point on their show:

This advise actually is not unique to chicken, but any form of meats (chicken, turkey, beef, pork...). This topic has been discussed a couple of times before, but I never get a real sense of how many people are doing it vs how many are not. For the interest of keeping the question simple, let's just focus on poultry: chicken, duck, goose, turkey...etc.

Do you wash your raw poultry before cooking?

A) Yes. I do all of the time or most of the time.
B) Sometime, about 50:50
C) No. I never do it, or I rarely do it.

Thanks for sharing.

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    1. re: magiesmom

      How is it possible that you answered the question quicker than I did?


    2. I will answer first.

      A) I wash my poultry almost all of the time. When I didn't, it is mostly because I forgot to.

        1. C

          I've heard all it does is splash bacteria all around your sink, which you'd have to disinfect afterwards...I'd rather not

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          1. re: NanaMoussecurry

            I always do anyway, so washing isn't a real contamination issue

            1. re: NanaMoussecurry

              Having had a bout of salmonella from the chicken I purchased many years ago and was never in the habit of washing..

              I'll wash until the cows come home before I'd go through that again.