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Jan 3, 2014 03:30 PM

Best ice cream in Tokyo?

Yes, it's 30 degrees, yes, there are other culinary delights, but... let's say one had a hankering for ice cream or gelato--what would be the best thing to do in Tokyo? I've heard of Ice Cream City--anything else would be amazing!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Ice Cream City is gone now, but it's been replaced by Ice Parlor, which has fifty varieties, including stuff like avocado, beef tongue, crab and Indian curry. You get six small scoops at a time, so you get to try lots of different flavors.

    It's located next to Ikebukuro Gyoza Stadium now (03-5950-0765), inside Namja Town.

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      Thanks Robb! I will definitely try to go on Monday--very excited!

    2. Ouca in Ebisu:

      They focus on "wafu" flavors – in addition to matcha, think kinako, houjicha, satsumaimo, seasonal flavors, etc. They even serve you warm tea and shio konbu with your order after!

      And this is not a shop, but I was a huge fan of the "White Black Thunder" (yes, that's the correct name, not White Thunder!) that was being sold at the 7-11s. It's the ice cream version of the Black Thunder snack, but of the white chocolate variety. One of the best conbini ice creams... but I haven't seen it at all this year! What gives?! Am I not searching hard enough?

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        From my understanding, most new products in convenience stores have a six-week run, and something like 95% of them are never seen nor heard from again.

        Ouca looks interesting.

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          Thanks guys--

          I ended up not being able to make it all the way to Ice Cream Parlor/Sunshine City. So I settled for the Hokkaido Dosanko ice cream in Ginza, which was not that great. And the ice cream in the basement of the Tokyo Midtown Tower foodcourt, which was really good, and strangely stuffed in the same restaurant that sells meat on a stick. WEIRD.

      2. It does not seem that our community is enthused about ice cream in Tokyo??? How about Gelato?