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Jan 3, 2014 02:07 PM

Cakes rises when baking and falls when cooling?

As in, not the "sinking" in the middle type, I mean generally some cakes rise up in the oven and then when i take it out they are flatter?

Is this how they are supposed to be or anything wrong?
Coz they fall down evenly and don't look/taste ball. Not able to tell if its wrong?

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  1. if it tastes fine don't worry.
    But it means too much leavener

    1. Multiple causes for cakes sinking in the middle; any one of the following will cause a cake to sink:
      The batter contained too much fat.
      The cake contained too much sugar.
      The sugar was too coarse.
      The batter contained too much or the wrong kind of leavening.

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      1. re: janniecooks

        will add to this list that the oven could be too hot, but agree with elster that a certain amount of rise and fall is totally normal so as long as it doesn't turn into a hockey puck it sounds like you're doing fine.

      2. It's normal for cakes to even out (or sink) when you take them out of the oven because you have created a sponge full of little pockets of air. When the air cools, it contracts, and the bubbles are sucked inwards slightly by the lowering of the air pressure, so the whole cake essentially slightly 'implodes'. This is natural and doesn't mean you've done anything wrong (although as others have said, if it rises to an extreme, i.e. so that the top cracks) then you may be using too much raising agent. There's a little trick to reduce the amount it sinks by the lowering air pressure though: drop the cake (just from a few inches above the countertop onto the countertop!!). This will break the air pockets open so that when the air pressure decreases, more air gets sucked in and the bubbles can stay the same rounded shape rather than the cake collapsing in on itself.

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        1. re: Elster

          Is there any other way to stop this happening without dropping it? I work in a commercial bakery and it is not really possible to drop each cake each time. Although I know that it does work well.

        2. Great question! This happens to me every time I make a cake.

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            Other than the above suggestions, my thought would be that it's undercooked. It would help to take the internal temperature, 210 degrees.