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Jan 3, 2014 01:46 PM

Demerara sugar hard as a rock. Gone online for ideas how to soften, so far nothing works.

I'll dump the stuff if nothing helps or softens the petrified chunk...but...
I've tried my own remedies that have worked previously with regular light/dark brown sugar.
It's a totally hard softball sized glob.
Microwaving does nothing. Laying sheet of damp paper towel on top of glob then securing in air tight Tupperware didn't work. Apple slices in air tight container for a day + didn't work. In Tupperware for 2 days after putting few drops of water on top of glob didn't work.

Storing it from the get go in plastic sealed bag created this.

Suggestions appreciated. thanks.

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  1. No idea how to soften it, but maybe you could turn it into simple syrup? Then at least you wouldn't have to toss it.

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    1. re: Westminstress

      thanks West, I did consider I may have to try melting it with butter and cream maybe add bourbon or scotch or rum for a hard sauce over plum pudding or other hot dessert. I'll use your suggestion if all else fails but do appreciate reply :)

    2. I would try a hammer, a meat grinder or a food processor. ;-)

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      1. re: Antilope

        way to big for FP.
        hammer? nah :(
        my meat grinder is an attachment for kitchen aid. if I brought that hubby would not be a happy man-thanks though Antilope

      2. I live in the high desert where this happens all the time. I don't use that much brown sugar but always like to have some on hand. I have tried everything too and, at least in my case, nothing works. I even made the syrup and had it in the fridge for about 6 months and finally threw it away.

        Be very careful using the food processor--when it gets that hard it can do damage to your machine. Using a hammer may work but it won't measure out the same as if it were fresh.

        Best answer here is to toss it when it dries out and get a new bag. I only buy the small bags one at a time.

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        1. re: sandiasingh

          thanks Sandi, I got it @ Sprouts in bulk. I'll buy more & will probably just melt and use for another purpose

        2. When I first met my DH gave me a tip for dried out brown sugar....put a piece of bread in the bag. I didn't believe him, but it worked! I live in the low desert and I now keep a piece of bread or an old hot dog bun inside my brown sugar at all times!
          It sounds like it's worth a try with your demerara sugar before you give up.

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          1. re: pagesinthesun

            I was totally gonna say this!!
            A piece of bread or two in the bag. I do this with anything that has dried out. It started with Christmas cookies. I now put bread in all my cookie tins, by the next morning the bread is hard as a rock and cookies stay moist:)

          2. You might try checking out some Mexican cookbooks or recipes using pilĀ­onĀ­cillo. They're the hard cone shaped sugar found in Latin markets. I think you'd find some good tips on how to use that. It pretty much sounds like your demerara sugar is similar.

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            1. re: Leepa

              All sugar used to come in hard cones (or bricks) like piloncillo. The ways of using it include:

              grate it ('raspadura', another Spanish name for raw sugar, looks like 'raspar', grate, and 'dura', hard)
              shave it with a knife (ok for small amounts)
              dissolve it - miel de piloncillo, raw sugar 'honey'. It is especially good spiced with cinnamon.

              'Dulce de ...' are hispanic candied fruits made with the raw sugar syrup. Typical fruits include green figs (higos), sweet potato (camote), hard squash (zapallo).

              Canelazo is a Hispanic drink/tea using this brown sugar and cinnamon base, spiked to your liking with rum.

              1. re: paulj

                you are duh bom paulj. not surprised, love seasoned ideas, thanks

              2. re: Leepa

                agree, hey you have me an idea. I have multiple graters of all "hole" sizes....hummm